Style vs substance - yes, it's political

Deep and intelligent people care about substance first, and only attend to style to get along with shallow people.

Shallow people care about style first and ignore substance.

Stupid people think style IS substance.

And certain nasty people want to shove their belief that style is substance down our throats, damn the consequences.

Me, I’m going on record here as favoring substance over style. I’ll make minor concessions to the obsession other people have with style, but that’s all.

But the nasty people won’t meet me halfway, so I won’t try to meet them halfway. Screw them. Screw etiquette and tone policing and cancel culture and political correctness and Antifa brutality and all the double standards that come with those who can’t tolerate truth or even common sense. They have made it political, so now it’s political.

And the same to the stupid people. The cuckservatives. They are useless. Say it loud, say it proud: the cuckservatives are - and always have been - useless, and we refuse to care what they think.

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I don’t think racism or sexism or intolerance can be considered off-color jokes.

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The retreat of Boehner was great to see.
Same with that bozo cheesehead speaker who tried growing a beard to look mainstream.
I made much fun of Lindsey during 2016 repub nomination, but he found his balls during Kavenough hearing (I can forgive his hawkish MidEast view, because he still doesn’t call the overall shots).
Mitt(ch) the Bitch, cuz he’s certainly someone’s bitch right now.

The type of Republicans who think Trump is a good idea will be having their reckoning soon.


How about liberals who think Trump is a good idea, will they have their reckoning soon too? Walls closing in? Beginning of the end?

Probably they should get some kind of checkup to see what exactly is going on.

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Nah, probably have the same mistrust of alphabet agencies they always had and the same mistrust of politicians.

This new crowd of liberals are so confused they can’t even explain what a woman is. I have the same values I always have, freedom of speech, presumption of innocence, all people should be treated with respect and equally regardless of sex, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Liberals today, or a faction of them don’t believe in any of that so kind of hard for me to get on board.


Who said you should? I’m talking about Trump.

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He’s a tool. No one goes in for root canal surgery thinking they are going to Disney Land. Anyone supporting Trump is acutely aware of what he is and what he isn’t.

There is no reasoning with the new set of liberals, no negotiation, no middle ground. It’s a war of pure attrition, no compromise or bargaining. It’s a reality that is just sinking in for Nancy Pelosi as the new faction rise and threaten to oust traditional moderates.

Donald Trump is not a problem as I see it, he is clumsily working his way around international politics, but doesn’t seem to want more conflict, it seems the very opposite is true. While the ruling class have for decades done the opposite and the officials in Ukraine are shocked he is going against officially mandated positions in Ukraine, how dare he, who does he think he is? The President or something?

For this reason it is very hard to support the Democrats.

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I see him as a pretty big problem. The OP is right that substance is more important than style, but in a President style isn’t nothing. Trump is an oafish, petty, and disgusting human being, and him being president cheapens and degrades the office.

Of course, this cheapening has already happened, and we can’t put the ketchup back in the bottle. Now we just need to look at the substance and compare it the options.

Because Democrats don’t find verbally or systematically hurting minorities funny?

Because Democrats don’t find verbally or systematically hurting minorities problematic.

For those so set against republican or democrat (and for some reason confused that the puppet runs the show) i have one word for you: distraction.

The fact people are so distracted by this trump thing (he is a piece of shit who should be ousted but that isnt the point) kind of makes a person scratch their head.

Saying liberals is like saying asian. Not one thing. Saying conservative is like saying african. Not one thing (dont get all racist pussy hurt cause i put conservatives with africans). Once people pay attention to policies and world events these american repub/dem debates are understood for what they are: retarded. Always have been. No accountability means getting fired in the commercial world. Republicans always fail. Hypocrisy makes dems look like they just stepped off the short bus and were given coloring books.

People need to learn some history, biology, medical sense…or just common sense. Critical thinking used to be an important thing is schools and homes. Fuck, even just math. Instead people watch a screen to the extent a heroin user watches his bag. Equally out of touch with reality (despite how many facebook posts tbey have read)

Finally! Equality is a reality. Right and left have both gone full retard and can equally be disregarded as literate.

Didnt human races, species and cultures already rise and fall for the exact same reasons? If a culture is to be intelligent, isnt it clear that when it is known factually the collapse will happen given _____ situationwe change it?

We are the next egypt, roman, mayan etc etc type group. Just as dumb as the last, though slightly more efficient.

Like watching an ant colony.


The Democrats seem quite “liberal” in their use of the term Uncle Tom.


I don’t think they meant it to be “off-color jokes”

True. It’s more of a racial slur.

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I have seen critics using that term, but not people running for office. Either way, it isn’t an appropriate term to use and people who used it should be criticized, and they should apologize for using it.

Now, how about those who love themselves some “off-colored jokes”?

Are we attacking Yang again for his math jokes, or is it something else? It’s so hard to keep up on what progressives want me to be offended by.

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Telling ethnic jokes is a longstanding American tradition that cuts across all political lines. The ability to laugh at oneself and one’s own ethnic group used to be a good thing.