Style vs substance - yes, it's political

His math jokes are aimed at himself and not at the expense of others.

If it’s aimed at yourself, then yeah, it can be self-deprecating humor. Aimed at anyone else, especially as a politician, then it’s no longer funny.

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What if it isn’t aimed at anyone?

I’m getting tired of being told what is and isn’t funny.

Any day now. Bound to happen.

His math jokes are aimed at asserting his own racial superiority.

Unless you believe in woke math.

By the way, I have no problem with someone asserting superiority - if he’s actually superior. And I’m not so thin skinned as to take offense at the implication that whites are dumb (I have far more white ancestry than asian.)

Humor is subjective. Humorlessness is not.

A narcissist is someone who can’t take jokes at his expense. A malignant narcissist is someone who goes all Antifa over it.

Happening already.

Why not style AND substance?

I have yet to read, hear or observe another Democrat use the term Uncle Tom toward anyone, especially African American.

Why? you miss being able tell jokes that demean other for sake of your small ego?

Democrats are the only ones I’ve heard using the term, and it’s always against African Americans.

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One actual Democrat politician and the other two in media and they are suppose to be represetive of ALL Democrat’s behavior?

You can miss me with that bigotry

Have you seriously never heard people use it? Certainly not all Democrats use it. But black republicans are pretty often called uncle toms and now “Stephen” from the house slave in Django unchained.

Other similar slur is house negro/nigger/nigga

Strangely enough it seems it’s also been picked up by Muslims, Sadiq Kahn was caught using it to refer to other Muslims.

The point is not whether I’ve heard it or not, it’s the over reaching generalization of the arguement.

Snoop Dogg is supposed to represent the behaviors of Democrats? LMBO. Dude is far more republican than one could imagine even if he does cast a vote or two for Democrats.

The use of Uncle Tom is not political in nature but rather directed towards the person’s mentality and behaviors.

Yes, many black democrats believe being a black republicans is acting against their own. It’s very common. I went to a white high school. Only Asian kid with a few black kids. The black players got called Uncle Tom a lot when we go to predominantly black schools. If you’re a Republican, they think you’re an Uncle Tom.

No, it’s pretty common for black republicans and conservatives to be called Uncle Tom. I’ve even used it before tbh back when I was really behind Obama. It’s pretty common amongst Democrats and their supporters. Is it all, no. If you’re a black republican, you’ll hear it.

You’ll find a lot of black republicans say they get called that often. Take the time to look for yourself.


I really don’t need a thristy millennial YT video “educating” me on the history of Uncle Tom. Miss me with that ish.

Pun intended if you want, but the use of Uncle Tom is a nuanced thing and not all black and white. It’s not a GOP vs Dem thing.

So save the mansplaining and the “I was black adjacent in high school” explainations.

I never said it was. But black republicans regularly get called Uncle Tom, and mostly from other blacks who are democrats. Its the reality whether you want to face it or not.

:clap: :clap: :clap: wow, you went there lol. In what way am I mansplaining? What is mansplaining?

You’re explaining as if I might not have a personal experience with the issue. Which tells me you aren’t really comprehending my posts but doubling downing the the generalization bs of the use of Uncle Tom.

Because I don’t know you and it seems like you don’t. Idk what being a man has to do with that and how I’m mansplaining. It sounds like you’re just being sexist. Completely uncalled for and I’ve been 100% civil.

So explain it better. Because it seems like your only objection is that it’s not purely a Dem vs rep thing. But no one has taken that stance. Uncle Tom is a term used for black people who are republicans, and it’s done by other black people who are mostly democrats. It’s the reality.

Not really sure where the extra attitude is coming from or what you’re even so offended about. You can miss with with your sexism. What a load of bs. Completely uncalled for and ridiculous use of a sexist term.