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My buddy and his wife, new parents, are in desperate need of tv suggestions: “If we have to play Frozen or Cars 3 one more time we might just blow our brains out!”

They’re looking for something episodic, so they won’t have to replay things they’ve already seen too soon after. Even better if it’s ongoing, so there’ll be new content (and repeats can be delayed).

I’ve suggested Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb.

Aaand… Go:



I also enjoyed Teen Titans. And Spongebob!


My kids like that new Captain Underpants movie. It’s kind of funny.

It may seem ridiculous, but My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can be very good at times. It’s not going to turn me into a brony, but I get it.


Oh yeah, spongebob was one of my favorites growing up. Passing it on. Never heard of teen titans… Similar?


Heard it’s quite popular, thanks. I’ll pass this on.

Do I wanna know what that is?


Vastly different. Teen Titans is a DC kids superhero show, very funny with good stories and themes.


I thought that about Teen Titans they made a remake that wasn’t well received? But I may be wrong.

+1 for Adventure Time and Spongebob

How about classics like Dragonball? That will keep the kids busy for a decade, and I still watch it every now and then, though now that I’m an adult I prefer the story from Dragonball Z onward.

Also, if the kid is a boy, just introduce him to Hokuto No Ken and let him ascend to the status of Alpha-toddler.


I enjoyed both Teen Titans and the newer/current Teen Titans GO, but then again I’m not a super comic book kinda guy.


I was thinking this too. However, it really depends on the age of the kids? The parents that could actually understand what’s going on could also go crazy with one kamehameha wind up lasting 3 episodes. However, I remember they remade and remastered Z?

I won’t lie, I can’t remember much of the Saturday morning cartoons except for Pokemon. Which I think both kid and parent could enjoy?


Yes, they basically took the Z saga and shrunk it to a more reasonable amount of episodes! But kids would miss out all the charged Kamehameha that require weeks and bring back 26 flashbacks per episode. That’s the ultimate agoge.


35 months-ish or something. Someone do the math! (god knows I can’t)

I also suggested bobs burgers, but while my buddy and his wife loved it, evidently it was so boring to the twins as to frequently lose their attention (sacrilege!)


It’s a bunch of weird neckbeards who get together and dress up as Ponies.

Yes, you were better off not knowing.




I also still like dragon ball z and gt.

Also can consider inspector Conan, avatar the last airbender is also well done, I also love Star Wars the clone wars. Gives you the story between the 2nd and 3rd with anikan and his padawan that people didn’t know of. Yu yu hakusho is also good, but a little bit darker. Full metal alchemist is also fun but maybe to much for younger kids.


My daughter just turned 3 so almost exactly the same age.

She likes (in no particular order) Chiao-hu, Peppa Pig, Kiki - a panda called “Chi-chi” in Chinese, Masha and the Bear (awesome!), songs by “Super Simple Songs” and others…

Search YouTube for the above.


Doraemon is fun. They’d probably like that

Shin chan is always pretty funny. But some parents might consider it inappropriate.

Sonic the hedgehog

I still really like Detective Conan, one of my favorite as a kid and it’s still an active show with new episodes and movies.

And as a Star Wars fan. There’s the clone wars and rebel series that I can still get into.

Speed racer! old school but i used to love it.


never met a kid that didn’t like pokemon


Kazoops on Netflix.


In one episode, they parodie at least three doctors, including scarf and then during a mad ride on a mobile piano with two ponies onboard to get to the wedding chapel on time, an iguana views the scene with hungry eyes thinking of a soliloquy about existential meaning of life.
I actually was passively enjoying this show with my daughters and was caught by surprise.

All the Nickelodeon shows are fantastic, both animated and live. The animated one are very heavily into puns and cultural references. I’ve actually present the references to my kids and students.

The Chinese soundtrack is terrific in teaching how not to translate a show. English:
Julian: I am not going to fail, In fact I’m going to do the opposite of fail, what is that word.
Other character: Succeed?
Julian: Suck seed, no one will be sucking seed. We will win
Chinese: Well the same except the chinese word for succeed.
And Julian still goes off about sucking seed and my kids eyes roll because they know English and my students and relatives wonder what is funny about this show.
Cartoon network and boomerang really seem to put good work into their Chinese. But, loony toons where they share a suburban neighborhood has a lot of cultural references and delicious puns.


Yeah, that’s more of a teenage/adult thing. The day will come.

I think the age at which the yellow people become funny is a bit lower.


Apparently there’s a new Lion King show?? I don’t know how I feel about this. Does someone’s kid here watch it, and how do they like/dislike this probable taint on a classic?

Better not be Pocahontas 2 all over again.