Subway Restaurants in Taiwan

Original Title: Subway rocks my world

seen subways around, but never bothered to try one out. today i was curious so i checked out the new one that just opened by shida. was really surprised at how much it resembled an american subway down to the drink dispensers on the side. wasn’t until i ate my sandwich(roast beef) that i realized how much i missed “real” sandwiches. bread that doesn’t taste like a pastry. yellow mustard(hold the mayo…i get enough of that stuff here). pickles, jalapeno peppers and OLIVES!!! omg, olives. almost forgot they existed.

prices are a little more expensive than the us, which makes it damn pricey compared to other eats you can get in the area. but if you’re missing the states, great place to drop by once in a while.

Be careful about the Subway just opened up a block north of the Nanjing E. Rd. MRT station. They’re Taiwanese owned and operated, and the tuna is one of the most noxious substances known to mankind. The manager seemed to think that, since most of their customers were Taiwanese, they should use the kind of materials Taiwanese people like most. Strange attitude for a Subway manager, I thought.

What’s different about the tuna there?


well, the one i went to(right next to 7-11 by the roxy, spin, etc) was very americanized. a few days ago i even saw a white guy in there training the employees. they speak passable english(i saw a couple people order entirely in english today) and most of their customers are foreigners. in the roast beef sandwich i had, i could not distinguish anything that was different from ones i’ve had in the us. guess it depends on the branch…

oh, and gus (it was gus, i think) told me that the subway turkey isn’t real turkey, it’s ham-turkey. a word of warning for all you who don’t eat pig flesh.
the sub stations, on the other hand, serve real turkey breast.

btw, lay off the cheese, oils and mayo, and mayo-based subs (tuna, seafood salads) and you’ve got a healthy, low fat meal. the foot longs are only about 500 calories and less than five grams fat this way, and half subs only 250 or so cals. That guy in the US lost over 100 lbs by eating subway morning noon and night and is their spokesmodel now!
Anyway, less fatty than rice box lunches.

I used to go to Subway now and then for the steak & cheese subs until they changed the meat supply from imported to local made and prepared. Used to be tasty and tender but now its like cardboard, with alot of tendon and grizzle and no taste. I confirmed it with the manager and she told me they needed to cut down the cost so switched to a local supplier??? Thats how they lost my business, anyway.

Why oh why oh why is is so hard to say “we wanted to make more profit.”

[quote=“jrc”]What’s different about the tuna there?


It’s apparently made from old cardboard boxes that were turned into mush by Typhoon Nari and left in the basement for a year. It’s dark, fetid and rank.

Where is the Subway near Shita?


The nearest is Jinhua Street, near intersection of Yungkang b[/b], by DV8.
There’s a Substation at corner Xinsheng/Hoping b[/b], however, between a kiddy school (not sure which one), and the gas station.

Is that the new one Flipper mentioned?

I think I’ve seen that one. Is it good?


…bread that doesn’t taste like a pastry…

The bread at subway still sucks, it may not taste like pastry but it’s like eating chewing gum.

Instead try the “Submarine Sandwich” shop in the Sunrise shopping center at Fu-Shing b[/b]/Ba De Lu interchange (ground floor of the cinema, near Bellini’s). Hm, baguette bread and gouda cheese (though you can choose other toppings of course)!

The former Subway near the corner of Heping and Xinsheng, now a “Subzone”, has a good turkey sandwich, with real turkey, much better than Subway. I happen to also like their vegetarian ham sandwich. I used to live near there and went often, but not so much these days.

The new Subway near Shida is located on Jin Shan S. Rd. between the 7-11 on the corner of Hoping b[/b] and Jin Shan and Roxy 99 on Jin Shan S. Rd.

I went there and thought it was pretty good. It stays open late on Friday and Saturday nites too!

yeah. can’t miss it. big green sign. right on jin shan like 50 feet before it hits heping. next to the 7-11 that you will walk by on your way to kuting b[/b] station. don’t remember what used to be there, but it’s only been open for like a week or so.

now those sausage carts that pop up on friday and saturday nights outside spin and roxy99 might have some competition. :slight_smile:

I was talkin’ to the American guy at the new Subway at Shida on Jinshan Rd. and he said he is not the manager… but that his wife is the owner/manager and that he is just there helping her out. He said he is an attorney.

He also said that they had received lots of negative comments about the tuna and he confirmed that the Taiwan Subway consultant ordered their first batch of food supplies and that the new mayo was from the US, not Taiwan. Anyway, he said that they have already ordered Hellman’s mayo because people don’t like the sweet mayo. Funny, the Hellman’s is made in Taiwan, but under license so it tastes like Hellman’s from the States.

They should have new tuna in the next day or so. Cool!

Next time you see him, ask him what happened to the beef in the steak n cheese sub. I havnt been to subway for at least 6 months.

I love Subway but I have stopped eating there. I was sitting in the Subway on Meitun rd in Taichung last month. The door to the back kitchen was open and I saw two HUGE rats scurry across the kitchen floor. At that point I lost all interest in my footlong and made a break for the door. Never went back. Just a word of warning.


as if rats were the biggest of my worries at 90% of the places i eat in on this island. :wink:

Ask anyone from Nanjing. It ain’t the rats, it’s the rat poison you’ve got to look out for. :shock: