Sugar Bomb Cereal Sightings

Don’t kill the messenger. I don’t eat this stuff. Just reporting what rare things I have found for those wishing for a nostalgic sugar rush or death by diabetes.

These are currently in stock at City Super.
All are about $350 a box.




I am curious why all of a sudden stores are stocking so many varieties of sugary cereals from the West.

I highly doubt Taiwanese parents would buy this stuff.

Thanks a lot for the great news. Will drive over later to get a few dozen boxes.


Love this post. Even as a kid I found fruit loops sickening. These others have whole grains though - health concerns alleviated.

Which City Super did you find them in? I have a feeling they won’t all have them.

Fruity Pebbles are at Jason’s as well.

People find it convenient…and buy into the «this is healthy stuff» myth. Parents think oh it has vitamins,milk is good for my child…and feed the sugar bombs. It is also fashionable, marketed as modern and Western. Kids want to have the exotic stuff. Etc. As nauseam.

I remember how it gave me bad breath when I had it as a child. Skipped the stuff until I found it again in Taiwan. It is convenient, whole grain, it has fruit, must be good for me. It was very tasty… Evil, evil stuff.


Mega City location in Banqiao, New Taipei City

Oreo cereal? Reese’s Puffs?
Holy moly

Wait 6 months, these’ll all be going for 80NT. You read it here first.

True. Wait it out for the price drop to clear it off the shelf before the expiration date or rotation in stock.

Also, many things that don’t sell at Jason’s Market will end up on the shelves in Wellcome at a significant price reduction. Jason’s and Wellcome are under the same ownership.

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I think it’s a way to censor the juiciest memes.


What do reeses puffs taste like???

It’s by far my favorite chocolate I have tasted before.

I actually really like breakfast cereal, but i tend to eat things like granola or whole wheat or sometimes raisin bran, things I can at least somewhat convince myself that they are healthy :slight_smile: So I usually avoid these sugary candy cereals, but those Reeses Puffs are really good, just understand that they are basically a dessert, not a meal :slight_smile:

You might as well go with the Captain Crunch

(Raisin Bran) sugar - 19 grams. For comparison, sugary kids’ cereals such as Froot Loops contain only 12 grams.

The brand of granola I eat has 12 grams of sugar per 56 gram serving size, fruit loops have 12 grams per 30 gram serving size, so fruit loops do have more sugar and that is hardly a valid comparison anyway :slight_smile: . A large apple has nearly twice that much sugar, so should kids just eat fruit loops instead of apples?

The brands of granola and whole grain/bran cereals i buy have a lot of fiber, iron, protein, potassium, etc. Even raisin bran, while having as much sugar as fruit loops, has much more fiber, potassium, and iron. So at least i get a little good stuff with my morning sugar :smiley:

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For good stuff, try barkey grass. :howyoudoin::rofl:

Am I the only foreigner in Taiwan who actually lives life and doesn’t worry about counting calories and grams of sugar? :grin: