Suggestions for Great Free Game Websites


Have you come across a great website full of free challenging games? Found a game that you really enjoy or have enjoyed playing? Put a link to it on here with an explanation of the type of game it is and why you recommend it!


To kick off the thread, I present to you:

This webpage has several free online adventure quests games…games where you have to do and find various things in order to complete the game. The Viridian Room is one example of this, but these are text-based games. I just finished The Mystery of Brankly Hall and after my brain has cooled down, I plan on trying some of the other games on this site.

If you were a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books, you’ll enjoy the games here!



Six adventures, four episodes in each. Cool cartoony graphics. One of those games where you have to run around finding things and doing stuff with them. The game’s really for kids I think, but I found it pretty damned difficult, although you should remember that I’m not terribly smart.

Another one in a similar vein is called Arcane. This is also a bugger to complete.



I like this place for mindless time-wasting:

Try out Ant City for starters: … jsp?id=597



I’ve been playing around with this cloud game…and it’s quite beautiful. It’s made by some university students.

The controls take some getting used to…I reccomend you download and read the instruction booklet too…or the game won’t be as soothing.

It asks for some personal info…but you can just click on Download Directly beside the “submit” button.



I also love the games on Ferry Halim’s website:



My favorite settlers site is here:

Orisinal is cool. Nanaka crash was amusing for a while. Yeti sports too. :slight_smile:



This game was set up on Red Nose day (in the UK) last year. For some reason it’s still up. Very addictive, quick and easy game. Great for sneaking in at work. It is rediculously addictive though.

My name’s there, and you can add your own and challenge me! Come on!



The Kingdom of Loathing

KoL is a free online RPG, all you have to do is sign up for a free account, and they keep track of everything else. Pretty creative and unique ideas with a Monty Pythonesque sense of humor. Your character has to drink booze in order to use adventures, that is, until you drink too much and pass out. Meat is the form of currency in the Kingdom, and foes you have to fight include “drunken rats”, “sabertooth limes”, and “rushing bums”, amongst others…all of which have humorous commentary while fighting.


#9 Some really cool and really crappy games here. Be careful with this one, some are NSFW.


#10 is fantastic source of flash games - best i’ve seen. is full of great puzzlers.



I like games that one can play online against (or in cooperation with) other people. Some games that are fun and not as terribly time consuming as my usual mmorpgs are Maple Story and Shot Online. I was too lazy to get the urls for y’all but if you google them you can find them quite easily. Maple Story is a free mmorpg type of game but more cutesy than, say, WoW or Everquest (plz shoot me if I ever say I’ve gone back to EQ) and a lot less time consuming. You can be different classes of characters…I haven’t played in awhile so this is off the top of my head but you can be a warrior, archer, thief, or mage…maybe more I can’t remember. Shot Online is an online golf game that’s also free. Really fun too. You can play tournaments against others for prizes or play alone or you can play in a group setting just to raise your stats and stuff. You earn game money doing all this that you can use to buy new clothes or upgrades to your equipment. Enjoy!



Lots of fun doing puzzle-type strategy games. The Dark Room is kinda like the Viridian Room only without the creepy story.





World of Goo won well-earned recognition at the last Independent Games Festival. The demo is free and fun.



[quote=“JoeyJoJoJnrShabadu”] is fantastic source of flash games - best I’ve seen.

I’ve missed countless valuable lessons during computer shop classes in HS playing games on jayisgames…
Also, this game is pretty wicked too:


#16 … ash-games/

it says it all



Yep, that site rules!



Here I provide two flash game sites

One chess site I really like, but it requires signing up.
Don’t miss the daily puzzle & training it offers.



Best website I know for freegames is
(is the English version).
It’s a company that makes a lot of board games, that offers most of them for free online (albeit without expansions). You have to have java to play, but it is free (no registering even). Download the client, and it basically is almost instantaneous. Very easy interface for most of the games.
These are some of the games they have:
Dominion, Pandemic, Wizard, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Bonanza, Tichu, Settlers of Catan, Caylus, Can’t Stop, Take 5, Carcassonne, Cafe International, Backgammon, and Stone Age.
You play against people around the world. Pretty multicultural (Germans for the most part, tho).
There’s also another nice site for one of my favorite games
Ticket to Ride is basically a train tycoon game, but a very easy and fun one to play. It really helped me with my geography, too.



Yes, but requires purchase of one of their for temporary access or online membership. This thread is for free game sites.

My students and I love playing Clockwords at - be warned that while it does help speed up your typing skills, it is also very, very addicting.