Summer BBQ beach party 27 May

Summer BBQ party at Fulong Beach, Sunday 27th May!

The first (I think this is the first) official Forumosa daytime summer event will be held in the delightful golden sands of Fulong Beach - only an hour from Taipei by train and not much more by car.

Start time 3pm, but this will be an all-day affair with sunshine and sea aplenty. In the evening we’ll burn some driftwood, plus one moderator chosen by popular acclaim, and possibly have a few small drinks.

It’s to be a relatively informal gathering, with no official catering. Feel free to bring sandwiches, BBQ, a fishing line, or whatever you feel you need to meet your sustenance requirements. If you want to provide food for those who can’t take care of themselves then please post below.

More details will be added as finalized, but in the meantime please post your ideas and requests below. If you’re sure you’re coming then PM me to confirm and I’ll put your name on the list.

The mighty Toe is offering free transport to the three people who send the best PMs explaining why they should be allowed in his car. So get your thinking cap on, swallow a couple of eloquence tablets, and pound that keyboard.

Train times are as follows:
Train Taipei Fulong
莒光37 13:35 14:50
區間2725 13:45 15:07

Train Fulong Taipei
自強2044 21:27 22:36
區間2722 21:45 23:04
莒光2856 21:56 23:08

To do:
If you can take responsibility for doing any of the jobs below then please let me know:

  • first aid and/or lifeguard
  • activities for kids
  • prepare a map to show people the way
  • advertising banner for use on the forumosa site
  • any/everything else not mentioned so far

The “who’s going” list:
Me. :sunglasses:
Namahottie’s avatar
Bob Dylan (to be confirmed)
sandman (NOT)
Maoman, Fuzzy, Maobaby & Gustav
Toe Save
Truant (NOT)
Bu Lai En

A saturday afternoon and evening at Fulong, complete with camp fire could be good.


easy to drive to, and the train drops you off right in the water.

I think it’s a great idea, but I’m limited to Sundays. Stoopid buxiban!

What about DragonBoat Festival? Is that a weekend this year?

Thats on a Tuesday, but I believe we have a 4 day weekend i.e. the previous Saturday-that Tuesday and then all you office monkeys have to do a “make up Saturday” the week after.

Sorry - it’s a Tuesday. A crummy, crummy Tuesday.

Edit: Oops, a little late on the draw, there. This office drone doesn’t get make up Saturdays, either.


easy to drive to, and the train drops you off right in the water.[/quote]

This sounds really good.


And do people have better things to do on a long weekend? Four days on the beach might be too much! One day in the middle might bugger up people’s travel plans.

Maoman, will you be taking the Saturday off for that weekend? And realistically it’s likely that the afternoon at the beach will drag out into an evening campfire. You can come to that after school.

We could do it on a Sunday as well…This doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s a quick drive or a even quicker, convenient Train ride. I go up there nearly every weekend from Yangmei, and would kill to see a forumosan beach venue.

You could do an afternoon Sunday venue and have a campfire in the evening before heading back for those who can’t make it on a Saturday.

Fulong is great…I’ve spent every Sunday afternoon up there for the last 3 weeks; bodysurfing, playing frisbee and just relaxing on the beach. The sunsets are amazing, long shallow walk out to deep water means the kids can play safely, and it has a laid back beach vibe not found on other northern beaches.

If it were up to me I’d have every venue outdoors. We could get drunk indoors telling bullshit stories or…

We could be here:

Are you fricking kidding me? :smiley:

[quote=“MJB”]We could be here:


That’s a very strong argument. In fact, I see no flaws.

Yeah I am keen, but to be honest a 4 day weekend in the middle of summer…well, Fulong is probably where half of Taipei is heading to, so a normal weekend would be fine.

We need:

  1. A co-ordinator…everyone has this guy/girls phone number
  • organize head-count and meeting place, calculate cash ppl need to front for food, beer etc
  1. Someone to bring up a BBQ
  2. Someone to bring up steaks
  • according to head-count

Having done a couple of camping trips here before, the best method is for everyone to BYO their own booze and food. Seriously.

[quote=“Tyc00n”]We need:

  1. [b]A co-ordinator…everyone has this guy/girls phone number
  • organize head-count and meeting place, calculate cash people need to front for food, beer et[/b]c
  1. Someone to bring up a BBQ
  2. Someone to bring up steaks
  • according to head-count[/quote]

I don’t mean to poopoo you, but I don’t think this is necessary. Bring yer own. Nuff said. I am sure that if some people have bbq grills, they will share.

And certainly, if some drive and some train, then those people can work out any muling of food and drink.

What we need is a date. And keep the thread alive until then. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. Why can’t we just make tash and Buttercup do all the organizing, food and booze-buying, etc.? That would be easiest.

GDit truant. Get OUT of my head! :smiley:

Yeah. All that’s needed is a date. You want to go, go. You want to eat, bring food. You want to drink, bring drink. You want a fire, bring a lighter. If it’s raining, it’s off. Simple.

GDit truant. Get OUT of my head! :smiley:[/quote]
Yeah, it becomes expensive and tedious to get one person to do it, because they have to buy food for everyone that says they’re going to come, regardless of whether they come or not. The people that actually do show up are then the ones who foot the bill.

We had a great, successful camping trip a couple of years ago, but Vanessa and Toe Save’s DNS did a lot more work than they had anticipated, I think. It’s best to byoeverything.

Yes. BYOwhateveryouwanttoeatdrinksmokeandpoke.

Just need a date and some cooperative weather.

Oh. How 'bout doggies? They allowed?