SUP - Standup Paddleboarding

Where can I find rental shops for stand up paddle board and where can I find places that stand up paddle is allowed in Taiwan? I am willing to do it at the sea, river, lakes etc, basically anywhere.

Huh. I didn’t think this existed here, but I googled a bit and found …


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I was googling after posting here, found the same one. Looks very nice. Any have tried to do it ? Do they provide life jackets for teens?

If I remember correctly, I saw it done at Baishawan. Sorry, I have no details about rental etc.

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Yes. Baishawan has it. CU Surf Shop rents SUP.

Here’s a Taiwan SUP Facebook group

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Thank you. It seems that the group is more for events but not for rental of boards. Or am I wrong?

CU Surf absolutely rents SUP as well as surfboards and lessons.

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Where are locations near or on the water ocean, lake, river, where can rent paddle boards?

I’m looking for boards near the water for individuals.

There are group tours around where you meet a guide with their own boards at some spot.

Saw people today paddle boarding at Long Dong. But didn’t notice any place renting paddle boards.

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Fulong Sailing Club - they have good selection, you can even rent the one suitable for 10+ people. Option to go on the river or the sea.

I have also seen quite a few places renting kayaks near Chaojing Park (Badouzi), they might have SUPs too.


Fulong Sailing Club. I’ve seen a couple people in the bay area but can’t figure out if they rented and where, or brought their own SUP. Guess you need to pay entrance to the beach area to reach the sailing club…

Like these two (and dog) on the scooter this morning heading east out of Muzha.

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You don’t have to pay the beach entrance fee to get to Fulong Sailing Club. Actually you can rent SUP and make it to the beach without using the bridge :slight_smile: .

Two ways to get here:

  • just before the entrance to the beach bridge turn right (along the hotel or along the lifeguard place, either will do) and go straight until you get to the club,
  • leave the railway station and go straight all the time. You will get to the dead-end, then open the gate on your left (it’s not locked but it’s not open to avoid cyclist going there) and you’ll reach the club.


I’ve seen some SUP there but not sure if rentals or not.

Taipei area can be challenging for SUP because basically have rivers that are dirty and variable on flow and water levels except if a few controlled areas, few lakes or not approved, and ocean area past Danshui.

Some places further away from Taipei are popular for SUP but no rentals, or but may not be located on water so need to transport. Or sometimes only have group activities not individual rentals. Some places known for SUP are Fulong, Badouzi Keelung, Dawulun Beach Keelung, Wanli, Longdong, Yehliu.

I’ve been to the ocean to SUP and I really like it! In general water sports are great fun.

But also the nice beaches a ways away, and I see people and groups SUPing in the rivers, like near Bitan.
Do I need a permit or something to bring a paddleboard there?
Also, I suspect the water isn’t the most nice in case of falling in. Not exactly a nice river to fall into. Are there any preferred spots? Probably I’d still like the ocean the most, but still, far away.
I know in north Songshan there’s the dragon boat area. Before I thought it was maybe the most dirty, but lately there seems to be an effort with nets and things to get most of the gunk out.

No SUP permits needed that I know of.
There’s probably 100s or more of female LINErs who video their SUP’ing and then post to Voom.
If you got a LINE account, click on the Voom function and just scroll. Should hit some eventually or at least the beaches/places where they’re posing to get likes.

Whoa, I didn’t realize before just how many fit, attractive women do this.
But also they post beautiful pictures in Hualien or Kenting or whatever, not Taipei.

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The “lake” at Bitan is probably as good as it gets in terms of Taipei river water quality, it’s relatively well protected due to the drinking water reservoir a little further upstream, will still be quite silty after heavy rain though.

Quite a few people SUP there at the week ends do be aware though that occasionally the A holes that run the swan boats get territorial so to avoid them just stay around or upstream of the bend where the ferry boat is. You are perfectly entitled to paddle anywhere on the lake though you just risk being buzzed by their illegal dingy with gas outboard. 碧潭爭道!天鵝船業者開「動力艇」 驅趕SUP客│立式划槳│TVBS新聞網

Get some locals to show you the ropes!

新北碧潭SUP立槳體驗|一人一板・兩人一板 - KKday


They have a club and paddle board lessons in Bitan.

Yes, the water quality is so-so. But not as bad as it used to be!

Whatever happened to the rowboats? I remember there used to be rowboats for rent in addition to the swan/pedal boats. I’d much rather row than pedal a boat.

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