Superhero hype

In your opinion, which superhero has the best onscreen presence?

  • Electra
  • Blade
  • Wolverine
  • Ultraman
  • Batman
  • Superman

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Rumoured that there is a “Wonder Woman” flick in the pipeline and that Minnie Driver is interested in the role. Whoa. Time to make the golden lasso, cuffs and tiara hip again? :smiley:

P.S. Add other characters for polling, if you like.


“…You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole…” :sunglasses:

only 6 votes cast??? oh my god, this was a geek test wasnt it? :s

Which Batman?
Moody and classy Keaton Batman?
Slightly foppish and barely convincing Kilmer Batman?
“Homosexual undertones? What do you mean undertones?” Clooney Batman?
Camp and hilarious West Batman?
or the upcoming one I’d put my money on completely owning all of them, angry and moody Bale Batman?

Playing the averages (more shit than not) Batman loses out to Wolverine. If you mean cool and not-shit Batman, Batman wins.

And you forgot Spawn! :laughing:

I love Superman. I love that Jerry Seinfeld loves Superman too.

You’d better add Cornholio to that list.

Who’s Cornholio?

Beavis and Butthead darling, my very own spiritual mentors.

huhhuhhuh you said “butt”

You boys bin wackin in ma camper van?!

Nice bead curtains there. Were they some sort of 70’s comedy double act? I half expect to see Bernard Manning lurking in the background.

They were from one of those Kroft live-action “cartoon” shows, like “Land of the Lost” and “Dr. Shrinker.”

My nominee would be, the Ambiguously Gay Duo: … y-gay-duo/

Okay, okay. Seriously, I’d say that the most effective superhero comic books-turned-films would be Men in Black, Blade, Superman II, and Spider-Man II. The Incredibles was a movie first, but it rocks.

I like Hugh Jackman and in my opinion, he saved those X-Men movies from being utter dreck to being B + movies (about the same as Batman I and II, in my opinion.)

For worse possible superhero films / movies, I recommend the TV “Dr. Strange” pilot. "“Meteor Man” “Steel” the straight-to-bootleg-video “Fantastic Four” are all in the running, as are all those 1960’s Marvel cartoons which ran and 1 frame per second (as opposed to 24 or whatever for normal cartoons).

Obscurest? How about “Exo-Man”? “The Man With the Power?” “Ark II”? “Captain Nice”?

And you absolutely MUST see “Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension” (1984), starring Peter Weller and Jeff Goldblum.

gosh, i nearly forgot:

The Toxic Avenger!

Well said.

[quote]JERRY: Yeah. Like Bizarro Superman. Superman’s exact opposite, who lives in the backwards bizarro world. Up is Down. Down is Up. He says “Hello” when he leaves, “Good bye” when he arrives.

ELAINE: [pause] Shouldn’t he say “Bad bye”? Isn’t that the, opposite of “Good bye”?

JERRY: No. It’s still a goodbye.

ELAINE: Uh. Does he live underwater?


ELAINE: Is he black…

JERRY: Look. Just, forget it, {already}. All right?[/quote]

In a nod to some of the less heralded superheros of the Seinfeld universe, I’d like to nominate Golden Boy, Jerry’s t-shirt.

In a separate category, for:

Best Superhero with No Superpowers Whatsoever
I nominate “Mr. Furious”

Sorry, guess I did. But I thought Spawn was more compelling in the comics.

Love the motley assortment from the graphic novel “The League of Extraordinart Gentlemen”, though not so much the film adaptation.
Think it would have made a fantastic animation, though.

Though it would have made a less-than-watchable movie, I thought the girls from David Mack’s Kabuki were wicked.

Yeah, the Spawn movie was shit. The Violator rocked my face off in that though. One of the few roles John Leguizamo didn’t lick balls in.

[quote]Playing the averages (more shit than not) Batman loses out to Wolverine. If you mean cool and not-shit Batman, Batman wins.

Keaton, definitely (be more honest if I say I like the other dark-suited ones for different, ahem, textures that they bring to the role :wink: )!~

Whether Christian Bale (Seen brooding above in poster) would push the right buttons in “Batman Begins” remains to be seen… But I think I like his silhouette already!