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Well, I haven’t seen Swedes wear fanny packs. That’s step above much of Europe.

I think the people you spotted wearing them may have been Canadians. :rofl:


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This is very [quote=“Brianjones, post:14, topic:222317, full:true”]
Its a bit weird snapping secretive pics of women like that.

You do that wirh my family I would have words with you and probably report you to security and let them check what is going on.

i guess in the future there will be millions of you guys with meta glasses so all women will be wearing those baggy pants and probably masks to avoid face ID.

This is very true, and not legal some places to post without consent photos that single out a person and public post it. In Japan and Korea not ok, always some weirdo people in the news at the airport or stations, in EU depends on country (ie Finland public need consent)
(Commons:Country specific consent requirements - Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday on my scooter I was behind one of Taoyuan’s newer electric buses and it was so nice not to be breathing in exhaust fumes! I’m counting down the days until I switch over to an electric scooter.


I took the train (the Station is a bomb shelter with food storage as in many underground areas in case of you know who to the east of Finland does something)
Sisu and Bomb shelters in Taiwan - Taiwan / Living in Taiwan - Forumosa

Also 24H markets in the Airport lower levels and cheap Asian food


That’s a nice night shot.

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Fika Fika !!

Airport coffee at the Airport market 1€ or 1.5€($31 Taiwan Yuan), and cheap noodles (also see this in Taiwan but did not but it so not know the price at Family which can also make it so you at most which I did not know till the girl at my local one told me)

Local Narvesen (this one in Villinus but also in Norway, Finland has it’s own, Swedeen has Japan’s 7-11) = family/Seven’s in TW, cheap coffee

and 7-11’s Fika Fika haha 哈哈哈


Until you bring up AUH20 and they start gushing about Olaf Palme. :joy:

Behold, I give you…The Prime Minister of Finland.

I have the app. Works perfectly.

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I notice she’s wearing the obligatory mom pants.

I’m really surprised anyone is making a fuss about the video. I mean, she wasn’t wearimg a belt-sized skirt and passed out on the floor in pool of vomit. Also, it’s not like the country was locked down at the time … I wonder if anyone actually is making a fuss other than the occasional grandma, and it’s just the media hyping it up, as they are wont to do.

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It’s her political opposition. She’s probably drunk but not high.

She doesn’t even look particularly drunk, just happy. But yeah, no doubt it’s just the opposition milking it.

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The only person who should be pissed is her husband.

I think she’s single.

She might be soon.

In January 2018, Marin and her partner, Markus Räikkönen had a daughter.[63][64] In August 2020, Marin and Räikkönen, who works in communications, married at the prime minister’s official residence, Kesäranta.[64][65] Their permanent residence is in the Kaleva district of Tampere,[6] but during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have resided at Kesäranta.[64] She has said that, if she had the choice, she would move to the countryside.[66]

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I’m not one to be a big feminist, but you know a man wouldn’t get near the attention for something stupid like this. She had a few drinks and danced with her friends. Who the hell cares?

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I just wanted to post a picture of her mom pants and post the source.

Did you drink tea or what did your drink with meals at the restaurants in Swedeen?