Taipei 101 Citizens Discount ~ Will Foreign Residents be Discriminated Against Yet Again!? ~ Update ~ Apparently Not!

Taipei 101 is reducing it’s entrance fee for the observation deck to NT$101 from Oct 10th until Dec 20th to try and get more revenue as it’s fallen off a cliff due to the reduction in Chinese tourists.

Based on this article it appears only citizens will be able to avail of the discount and not all residents. Are we to be discriminated against again?!

Probably .


Never been up Taipei 101. To expensive, and elephant mountain has a better view.

Buddy of mine visited Taiwan for three days and took in lanyu and and Taipei 101, put me to shame :joy:

Went up it once, many years ago as we had customers in town so could expense it, was a lot cheaper then too. Definitely worth NT$101, definitely not worth NT$600. I think the outside platform is almost NT$3000 to visit when it is open.


A few months ago I got some tickets on Klook which were quite a bit cheaper for non-citizens. Taxes, I guess. It cuts both ways sometimes.


I’ve been up top of 101 for work visitors a few times . Most of the time it’s been cloudy and pretty crap except for the elevator and the damper . It’s best on a cloudless night , there’s a couple of nice restaurants up therem


i’d say its well worth going if you go on a clear day. didn’t have to pay any extra for going outside either.

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20 year old “How long have you been in Taiwan”?
Me “Ask your mom , we’ve met”
20 year old “Do you have Taiwan ID”
Me “No I’m still a guest on an APRC”
20 year “But my mom has two passports”
Me “I know we’ve met”




I guess we won’t know until someone tries. Their website offers no clue other than the offer only seems to appear in Chinese, .

It’s worth checking out… once.

To see the giant internal earthquake dampener if anything.


Yep, I went up during my first week in Taiwan, and I’ve never been back. Cloudy day, couldn’t see much. I was actually much more interested in the movie they played a floor below, showing the construction process. I’m glad I went, though, because when I did, Taipei 101 was still officially the tallest building in the world.

Yep. I went there once too, long time ago and had to use their bathroom.
So I can say I once did the highest shit in the world. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know how many Chinese tourists have stood on that toilet? :slight_smile:

X + at least 1 foreigner :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Nt 101 is surely a bargain, no arguing with that. And yea the damper

I would guess Irish.

–“Avail,” from the Grammarist website.

Funny, I’ve only known known Filipinos who use it that way, specifically for discounts, but usually without the ‘of’.

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They probably got it from the Irish.

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I just Googled “avail the discount,” and it won the Google-results contest:

I suspect that, in addition to Filipinas and Filipinos, some other folks may use the above construction.

The Irish favorite, “avail of the discount,” came in second:

The more traditional- and formal-sounding “avail (myself | yourself | yourselves | himself | herself | themselves | ourselves | oneself | itself) of the discount” made a respectable showing: