Taipei 101 - World's Tallest (Part 2)

Um. I saw this little plastic wrap-like think dangling from one of the big Chinese coin ornaments on the side of the building closest to NY NY. Is it possible that they’ve decided to leave the plastic coatings on the building like many people do with chairs and door fixtures? Will it help protect the exterior of the building from corrosion and wear, and fingerprints? But then again it was night time so maybe it was just a floataway plastic bag or a worker’s hanky.

Just curious.

In August I was walking along by New Yoprk New York on a very windy day. It wasn’t stell plates that came floating down from Taipei 101, but dozens of blueprints of the building. Yep, architectural/design blueprints. Lots of people were picking them up, and the two people I was with were just visiting Taiwan and we realised they would make good souvenirs, so we got one each, Mine’s pretty boring though. Just store frontage for part of the mall. But with yesterday’s news it got me thinking about the way things are prganised on this buliding site - drawings just left around so that they could blow away in the wind! Nutty!


Really? Would it be possible for you to scan a copy for me?

See for details:

The said pieces flew 300m into a school (due to the wind) - lot’s of roping off to do …

Is it just me or does anybody else thinks that Taipei 101 looks like a stack of Chinese take-out boxes? :unamused:

And even more interesting, has anyone ever seen a Chinese take-out box in Taiwan or China? Or a fortune cookie? You’d think those would go over big here.

OK, now I get it. You’re talking about those little boxes they always show in the movies. I was trying to visualize stacked lunch boxes and just couldn’t figure it out! :blush:

Okay, I guess I should’ve posted a picture along with that… :unamused:
But my Taiwanese cousin has seen it in movies…
I guess people who watch a lot of North American movies, dramas or whatever would’ve seen it…

There, how’s that? :slight_smile:

Those boxes are stylish – much better looking than the Chinese take-away containers they used in England when I still lived there.

And should I say they’re much better looking than Taipei 101?

I thought the design was universal. What do they look like in England?

Just shallow oblong boxes with a flat lid – a bit like small baking pans. I remember that opening them could be a messy business, with the contents easily spilling down the sides and getting all over your fingers (especially if one picked up a take-away on the way back from the pub). Perhaps they’ve improved them by now – and maybe even borrowed the design from across the pond, making it yet another piece of Americana adopted and absorbed into the British way of life.

Taipei 101 is okay.
Actually, I still haven’t made my mind up - I’ve only seen it once. It’s a very unique design. I like the “bamboo” look; a very brave move by the architect.
Who knows, two years from now we may all like it.

Taipei 101 definitely looks like a stack of Chinese take-out boxes…
I still don’t like it…whenever I see it, I see Chinese take-out boxes in my head… :laughing:
Petronas Twin Towers are prettier…

On TV there is commercial running (for 101 mall?) that situates the 101 tower almost next to a river over waterbody. Which one?

Talking of overdoing it!

In “More Revisions in Plans for New York’s Tallest Tower”, the New York Times reports that, in the latest plans, the building on the site formerly occupied by the twin towers will be taller than Taipei 101.

I mean the tower (observation deck), not the shopping mall. Anyone knows if it’s open already or when it will open to the public?

[quote=“”]World’s tallest skyscraper to open at year’s end
October 14
The world’s tallest skyscraper - Taipei 101 - will open on December 31 with a fireworks display and a countdown for the new year, probably led by President Chen Shui-bian, the skyscraper’s management team said on Thursday.

The Taipei Financial Centre Corporations (TFCC) said it has invited President Chen shui-bian to preside over the opening ceremony, but Chen has not replied yet.

The construction of the 508m Taipei 101 is in its final stage, with workers speeding up the interior decoration, and TFCC signing up renters of its office space.

So far Taipei 101 has only leased 40 per cent of its floor space. Many firms are reluctant to move into Taipei 101 because the rent is too high.

Taipei 101 has surpassed Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers on three of the four criteria specified by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat - structural height (508m), rooftop height (448m) and habitable floor height (438m).

Sears Tower in Chicago still keeps the world record for pinnacle/antenna height. Sears Tower, with a 85m spire, stands at 527m. Taipei 101, with a 60m spire, is 508m.

Taipei 101’s formal name is the Taipei Financial Centre. It is nicknamed Taipei 101 because it has 101 floors. The building partially opened last November when the shopping mall, stores and restaurants in its basement and bottom four floors opened to customers.

The steel-and-glass panel skyscraper is managed by TFCC and was built by a Taiwan-Japanese consortium which includes Japan’s Kumagai Gumi Ltd. The construction cost of the building is 58 billion Taiwan dollars (1.8 billion US dollars).

Lend lease of Australia is in charge of running the shopping mall. International real estate service firm Cushman and Wakefield leases its office space.

Taipei 101 is expected to hold the world’s tallest building title for at least three years before being surpassed by the Jin Mao building in Shanghai or the International Financial Centre in Hong Kong.

[Sapa-dpa] [/quote]

Apparetely the observation deck opened last week. Anyone been up yet ? I imagine it would be busy now, so I’ll wait a bit. … 2003220359