Bill extending/affirming U.S. support for Taiwan.

any précis, sir?

“To express United States support for Taiwan’s diplomatic alliances around the world.”

It’s called the Taipei Act.

This Act may be cited as the “Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative (TAIPEI) Act of 2018

The people of the United States and the people on Taiwan. Not so subtle.

I put “Taipei” in the title first, but later decided it was confusing. If you guys want to title it “Taipei Act” whatever. Just thought it was interesting.

That site/document is pretty short in itself. But yeah, I’ll add a summary.

There’s also a private bill being put in Germany to unilaterally recognise Taiwan as independent, and screw the One China policy.

Well, there would be a Two China policy in that case: PRC and Republic of China (Taiwan).

How is that? Neither PRC nor ROC accept dual recognition, it is one or the other.

so, unilateral recognition?

I’m pretty sure that there would be quite a few people, including some of those in government, who would gladly give up the ridiculous claim to PRC territory if it meant Taiwan was recognised as a country.

That sounds sensible, but requires a change of the constitution which is practically impossible.

“practically impossible” means it is just an engineering problem.

it can be done, though it may be hard.

there’s quite a lot of the constitution that deserves change, anyway. may as well start with a clean slate.

I think that the sentiment changes when a PRC invasion is thrown in as part of the deal.

Sure, here is what you need; 3/4 of the legislature need to agree, plus a referendum, where more than half of the electorate agrees. Happy engineering!

If the threat of PRC retaliation were removed, do you think that this wouldn’t happen?

It’s a social engineering problem. Much harder than designing a highway overpass.

No need for any Taiwan-related Acts:

And of course they mean that! Just ask the folks in Hong Kong! :slight_smile: