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These morons. No wonder pieces of shit like Han Guo-yu were elected.

Who? The Jews? The lady with the Nazi flag? Nazis in general ? The foreigner? All of them?

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It’s good that @mad_masala has had a hand in bringing all this to light.

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I thought Forumosa was against revealing real life identities…

Cc# @admin

Your Forumosa nickname will be forever indexed on Google along with the Nazi flag.
A few years from now this whole thing will bring me a lot of joy.

“What did mad_masala mean by that?”
“Yeah, we all knew his secret hobby was to travel the world and take photos of Nazi symbols”

The idiot with the Nazi flag and the netizens of course :roll:

I have a picture of a Nazi flag being sold in a Panchiou “upmarket” department store from about two years ago. The vendor closed anyway. Isn’t that kind of more controversial than at a Betel Nut Stand? The store said it sold flags from all countries and that one was the "German " one. I really believe the sales clerk had no idea. I didn’t think it was a huge deal as I guess most people in the west would not know the difference between say the Japanese imperial “Rising Sun” flag and the present day Japanese flag. It is possible to buy Nazi flags in the UK but the shops selling them tend to get bricks or fire bombs thrown at them. I would guess it’s not illegal in the USA to sell those flags either. Isn’t the so called “Confederate Battle Flag” still flown over some US government buildings. And what about the Duke’s of Hazzard show didn’t the car in that have the Dixie Flag on it ?

My eye is burning! :runaway:


Eyes or eye? It is quite a feat to have only one eye burning.:rofl:


These people who display these or sell them probably have no idea what they represent as do most of the people on the island.
Thus virtue signalling from groups frothing at the mouth is ridiculous.

If it is not illegal, should any group have the right they take them down or stop selling?

It’ll be interesting to see if they cave or not.

I think that if it is legal for people to wave the chinese communist flag in Taiwan, then I don’t see a compelling case about other flags.

it should be illegal to be so ignorant that you think displaying nazi flags is 1. cool and 2. is ok because you didn’t plan to offend anyone and were too stupid to know /or be educated about one of the most horrific events in history.

Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree. While many don’t really understand just how offensive these symbols are to some, having grown up in a household where my next door neighbor was a survivor of Auschwitz and in a heavily Jewish neighborhood where many families were affected, I do and find these incredibly offensive.

This is not virtue signalling at all. This is true disgust, true revulsion and 100% offensive.

These are symbols and a reminder to many of an absolute travesty of almost unimaginable and immeasurable suffering and sadness that was inflicted on humanity. The younger generation seems to throw the word “Nazi” around like it’s a joke, unfortunately for many of us, we have plenty of first hand encounters with people who have suffered and still grieve.


they tried to cover up when you asked them i guess. they were not selling flags, the flags were decoration of the store(it was a clothes store). which was called SS-3. so they basically knew what they were doing, using nazi flags and a nazi theme for their store. at least they changed it after the bad press unlike these other dick heads.

Yeah the store owner obviously did know then if that was the name of the store, (as I didn’t notice the name). The girl I asked was probably just the clerk and I just chatted to her casually about the flags, not in an aggressive manner pointing out that wasn’t the German flag. However, you could be right, she might of been told just to play dumb if asked about it. I guess some of you would like to see the pic. Here is one I took. I have one more but I won’t show it as it has people in it.

You just don’t understand our Chinese culture.


Hitler Chen
Manager, Hitler English

PS. Needs more Pepe

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