Taipei kindergarten teacher posts job ad saying 'black or dark skinned' people not wanted


You mean my school? No is the kindergarten section, separate branch owned and directed by different people apparently. Tbh though the vast majority of my teachers when I was there were white


That’s called imperialism.


Yeah, and you love it.


The imperialism without which Taiwan would now be part of the PRC. You’re welcome. :sunglasses:


That wouldn’t happen in a world without imperialism as China wouldn’t be interested in that universe either.


And without Chinese imperialism, you wouldn’t exist either…unless you’re 100% Aboriginal blood.


Very likely a disgruntled employee. Why is everyone up in arms?


So my country has extended its power and influence over your country through colonization, use of military force, or other means, has it?

I think the usual motives for imperialism run something like this:

If one looks at numbers, I don’t see how my country gets much in the way of imperialism’s benefits from your country:

So what do we get out of this supposed imperialism? As far as I can tell, here’s the main thing we get:

Now for a definition of nationalism:

According to the above definition, you may be right in implying that my country’s relationship with Taiwan doesn’t involve nationalism on our part, because given my country’s trade deficit with your country and the military threat my country incurs for its support of your country, it looks as if we’re engaging in a kind of reverse nationalism.


That’s my guess, although I’m not a hundred percent sure. But if your take and my guess are correct, and if she knew what she was doing, then I think she was being conscientious and courageous.


She did the right thing.


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“National newspaper” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

One more time and I’ll have an aneurysm!

(Btw I’m yyy. Not even Kang is daft enough to try to steal my headband.)


It has been looked into before, but not by anyone who was seeking attention or even legally capable of being hired by a kindergarten, afaik. You’re welcome to apply for a kindergarten job and file an official complaint when they turn you down on the basis of gender. (Make sure you get your educare credentials first, of course.)


It’s hard to tell with such a low resolution, but there appear to be several Asians in the “OP English Teachers” section.


Imperialism is so démodé. Geopolitical preponderance is where it’s at! :sunglasses:


The OP issue is why I convinced my wife to throw in the towel for being a buxiban matchmaker. She’d hire a guy with the “wrong” colour complexion for a school, he’d be there and prepared early every day and the kids loved his class but, the parents complained because his complexion was the wrong colour. She’d hire some young, entitled Canadian twit who’d call in “sick” 2 or 3 times a month like he had a union job forcing my taitai to panic call anyone to fill the gap an hour before class time. A fncking headache through and through. It’s the parents who influence the schools, in my opinion.


You is so racist bruv innit.

Man, we used to do loads of canuck bashing round here. Kind of miss those days.


Sorry, young twit who happened to be Canadian would be more appropriate. I’m Canadian but, trade the young for old and the ‘i’ in twit for an ‘a’.


Canadian, American fill in the blank…it’s true. I have a dear friend who has a buxiban. Her parents want to see the white female teacher. She would like to hire diverse people. She could but her biz might fail. Crazy.


Strangely, if the parents only realized, it’s of benefit for their children to be exposed to a greater range of teachers both in terms of cultural/ethnic background and accent. It’s not like in future business dealings these people are going to be able to stipulate, “nah, we only do business with Caucasians what speak good English, sorry”.