Taipei Pass app - what do you use it for?

I heard about the “Taipei Pass” app somewhere in one of the corona threads, apparently can be used as a tracing ID.
[note, not talking about the similarly-named multi-day tourist travel pass card]
So I installed it and registered, received confirmation a day later and now it seems to work. Who else has it ? If so, would appreciate some hints on how to use it, for instance:

  • is there an English option (I screenshot & Google translate step-by-step)
  • if you link with your Easycard, how does that work in terms of top-up value?
  • how/where to use the QR code?
  • what other benefits, features, functions, discounts(?) are worth highlighting?

My partner suggested that I do the same, but after inserting the Phone No and selecting a password it told me that it was incorrect. What’s the password format?


The characters to use in the password are restricted to lower and upper case letters and numbers, no special ones allowed

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Tried it the first day and wouldn’t take my phone number. Then after a few days took my phone number and let me set up a password. When I go to login, I get an error that login failed and be patient they’re still checking my account.

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The account checking took one day in my case, then I received an SMS informing it was ready to use

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What on earth could they be checking though, apart from the phone number being valid?

I successfully registered, but haven’t figured out where / how to use it yet.

Eh guys how did you get around the ARC problem?

Allowed it permissions and then it got me to take front and back photos of my aprc. Only problem was that it wanted an expiry date for the aPrc (huh?) but I just left it on the default, which was 2099 or something similar. I’m also still waiting to be notified that I can use it, and attempts to login tell me my details are still being processed.

BTW, not sure if on or off topic, but family mart now only needing scan qr code and press 同意, because I was already using the family mart app.

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Does anyone know what places it can be used at? A Mart, Family Mart and Hi-Life have their own system. I wasn’t able to use Taipei pass at A Mart. Haven’t tried anywhere else since I got approved. Trying not to go out.

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APRC’s are set for 2099.12.31 expiry date, because the machine readable format on the back of the APRC requires it.

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In the homepage You need to look for Scan "掃描 "
then go to “顯示QR身分碼” to see your QR code

Also this is another method to see the QR code

Many coupons , discounts in restaurants , hotels , spa , pharmacy , clothes , shoes
Look for the gift box “優惠” you can check the stores by category (location in Taipei , type of business or in a map

Also you can pay Parking fee , water fee , tuition fee but I think you need to link your Easy Card for this

more info How to register and screenshots (in Chinese)


Thanks for the examples

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If we are in New Taipei, is this app still useful?

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You can find coupons , discounts in all Taiwan

But besides coupons i don’t see it very useful app for new Taipei city政院推「簡訊實聯制」-掃描qr-code後免填資料-唐鳳出馬教學-012024901.html
Is this news about the app?

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Not sure. But definitely sounds great according to Google Translate - just scan the code and no need to fill out further information!

You need to get the New Taipei Pass APP.

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Is that a thing?