Taipei Summer Universiade 2017


They lie east to west too. Lies, it’s all lies!


Regarding traffic restrictions:

According to plans, from 3:00 p.m. to midnight on Aug. 19, areas of Dunhua North Road and Beining Road between Nanjing East Road and Bade Road, as well as the inner lanes of Dunhua South Road between Bade Road and Civic Boulevard will be closed to cars and public buses.

On the same day, Dunhua North Road between Nanjing East Road and Minsheng East Road, Dunhua South Road between Bade Road and Civic Boulevard, and Nanjing East Road and Bade Road between Fuxing North Road and Guangfu North Road will be closed to cars though public buses will run as normal.

Chang said that starting at noon on the day of the opening ceremony on Aug. 19, all roadside parking will be restricted on closed roads and YouBike Taipei Stadium and Taipei Cultural Center stations will not be operational.

Chang indicated that traffic controls will impact 27 bus routes. Spectators arriving by MRT whose seats are located from E01 to 07 should take Exit 3 at the Taipei Arena station. All others should use Exit 2.


Looks like it will be a good day to walk around using a trolley to save weight on the back!


It looks like the least painful way to go the Arena for me, coming from Yilan, will be to go to Nangang, get the blue mrt until Zhongxiao Dunhua and then have a walk to the Arena.


Definitely did not catch on to any of that.

Glad I live nearby, so I can just walk to the arena and walk home.


I guess that big dome thing won’t be in use for the games


Still lots of tickets available!


This is an old top level schedule and event list.

I’ve been Googling for 30 minutes and still cannot find an accurate current schedule or a method to buy tickets. Lots of news about lackluster sales but no information on how to buy tickets.

Leave it to Taiwan to still not have anything searchable in English for an international event that they spent millions on.

They’ve had posters and advertising in almost area available free space in Taipei. But now that it’s time to buy tickets, can’t even find information on a schedule or how to buy tickets by searching on the internet.


Found it at

Tickets for the Taipei 2017 Universiade went on sale on 13 June via the official ticketing website: and from kiosk machines in the three main convenience stores (7-ELEVEN ibon, Hi-Life Life-ET and OK Mart OK‧Go).


Now if anyone can find a schedule in English with participating countries I’d be much obliged.

Press has not gotten anything. Not even credentials. AFAIK.

I will be watching Wang Leehom from the comfort of my living room. But I was hoping to cheer for the ol country’s athletes.


For schedule of which countries are playing which, go through the online ticketing system. Select the sport. Then scroll to the bottom to sport info. There you will find the time table of who is playing who.


You know these athletes will want to have a good time and party hard here. If youre single, might want to go out and mingle in hopes of scoring a future pro athlete or Olympian. Downside is, word is police will doing their usual useless work on our tax dollars going to check every single persons ID at a club more.


Guess they won’t be mingling in Carnegies or the Monkey on Ladies night.


Well they are college kids. Wait, what was the drinking age of Taiwan? Froggers.


Didn’t read upwards did you? :smiley:

This was not available when the tickets first went on sale. They only showed the schedule in which what sports were being played at and what times. Hopefully this will change things and get people to the events.


What day and time is this performance?

A-Mei made too much noise inside the building and the neighbors complained so she had to move her concerts. Since this one is outside, I predict this one will receive more noise complaints. The city already knows.


You really don’t like to read my posts (or click my links) do you? :smiley:

Info is in my above post. Just have to click that little “EN” icon on the top right. August 19 @ 6PM. Taipei Sports Stadium.

I assume it’ll be done by 9PM. People will complain, but if I’m not mistaken, it’s free game up until 9PM.

A-Mei’s concert also created an earthquake when she sang 三天三夜


The last major sporting event in Taiwan was 2009’s Kaohsiung World Games. The World Games gave Kaohsiung the National Stadium, which has a solar panel roof that generates 1MPW of electricity. It’s a stadium that pays for itself even if it’s just sitting there. It’s also one of the premier concert venue in Taiwan.

The 2009 marked the second time an Asian country hosted the World Games. The first was Japan’s 2001 Akida World Games.

The same year Taipei hosted the 2009 Summer Deaflympics.


The worst part about that otherwise well done website was that the ticket listing doesn’t spell out the teams playing for an event.

For example:

When I click into the baseball tickets page, all the page provides are the dates and the stadium for the games, but there’s no way of finding out which teams are playing against whom. To find out you actually have to download the PDF file of baseball event brochure. It’s terrible and I can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed.


Yes, 100% agreed. Someone in the Ko administration and other numb nut government officials thought it would be a great idea to just list the sport, location and time.

Nonetheless, 400-600NT for a finals ticket really isn’t a hole in the wallet.