Taipei Trash and Recycling: A Quick and Easy Guide

Includes truck schedules and a list of “fixed sites where you can go and bring your trash in case the trash schedule doesn’t fit yours.”

I wonder what these fixed sites look like and how to use them?

Garbage collection routes and times for different districts in Taipei City.

Fixed sites Taipei


Thanks for sharing.

The one over by us is just like a big parking yard for the trucks with a guy at the gate. I’ve never been inside, but I think you just go over and throw your shit on a parked truck

That’s just what I’m looking for!

The one I use is a walled lot with a bunch of dumpsters or boxes for the different categories. It’s like a bigger version of the setup your apt bldg might have, if they handle your trash.

I don’t know about the others, but certainly in our case, it’s pretty far off the beaten path, like you pretty much can’t get there unless you’re cycling/scooting/driving.
I guess that would be the case with most of them, given the comparatively large chunk of real estate involved

Section 4 on the graphic includes those wax lined paper containers like 便當 boxes and coffee cups right?

Curious how they recycle this stuff as I thought the coating basically made it unrecycleable…

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I now have a whole new appreciation for taking out the trash.

Was at a friends house and he just happens to have a pub directly across the street from the garbage truck pick up location.

His wife hasn’t thought about why he always leaves an hour early just to walk to the corner to meet the garbage truck.

Consider this a great way to accomplish two activities at one time :beer:


In Taipei, blue trash bags (purchased with a fee from stores) are required, along with the dual-purpose purchased white bags, for trash. And to be thrown into the ice cream trucks :truck:

Are the blue bags also necessary for recycle? What kind of bag is needed for recycle?

In New Taipei, pink trash bags :sunflower:

As far as I can tell, recycling has no bag rules. I use black trash bags for that, others use no bags, or random other bags.

Taipei and New Taipei city accept each other’s designated trash bags



The amount of stuff you see people putting in the “recycling” is hilarious. Apparently anything that is made of plastic is able to be incinerated, ahem sorry… recycled.

Sweden does that, and it takes garbage from other countries to incinerate, produce energy.

We can send some used bubble tea cups their way, pass it on would you.

Question about recycle of flat waste cardboard, paper, etc.

Can cardboard, paper, books, magazines, etc. all be tossed together or is it required to be separated before tossing into the sanitation trucks passing on the street?

I put everything together and they’ve never complained, although I think technically you’re not supposed to put certain types of paper in there (like thermal paper receipts, I read somewhere). If you have a lot of cardboard boxes, it might be easier to hand them over separately, if the “freelance” recycling people don’t ask for them first.