🚶 Taipei - Where to Go | Recommendations for 20-year old

My 20yo niece from Germany is flying in and plans to stay with us in Taipei for 1 week. She has been in Asia visiting family and friends for a couple months. She is a creative person so I do plan on directing her to Yingge, where she can check out the pottery (are there pottery classes there for non-Mandarin speakers?).

She will meet a friend (female, 20) who also grew up in Germany and who migrated there from Taiwan 10 years ago.

Any suggestions on what they should check out beyond the NPM and Yingge? I have no ideas for what they can do at night as I have not been going out for a long time.

The usual suspects have determined that a few good women shall be here to see Ruifang, Yiland and hualien.

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Ask her friend of the same age who has been living here for the last 10 years, sounds like she is very qualified to give suggestions.

I think her friend has been living in Germany from 10-20.

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Right, the friend is almost as German as my niece is. She relocated to Germany with her parents when she was 10 years old. Dont know how often she has visited but I’m assuming maybe only a few times over the past 10 years

Ruifang meaning Jiufen, Houtong cat village, and the new Sandiaoling tunnels, NOT the town of Ruifang :wink:


Hit the hills, do some climbing, enjoy the views.


You don’t have to worry too much. Like any girl, they will start their journey with shopping and restaurants. I think it will take them at least a week. Maybe they also go to karaoke. This is normal at their age.

wulai and neighboring regions


Yes, they did go to Chiufen. Her friend had that planned. They also visited Lungshan Temple.

My niece isn’t the shopping type. When they visited 101 and Xinyi District, they ended up in a video arcade – where they also found a karaoke (and did that for sometime, apparently)


I don’t know where they have gone at night. It was helpful that we were able to set up Uber on her phone and get her a local prepaid SIM card. So her 04:00am returns to our place are that much more convenient – we did take Youbikes to the train (I lent her an EZCard and pointed out how to get to the train from our place, which is a 40 min walk (mostly uphill) from the nearest station) but that doesn’t help at 4am