Taiwan ARC criminal record check


To quote my boss after I expressed concern about not being able to work for 8-10 weeks potentially: “This may delay your ARC a little. Foreign teachers here typically start to teach before they have their ARC in hand. As long as your application is in process, you will be fine.”


Still not answering the question if you have a work permit and therefore work legally…



What you should ask about to your boss is your work permit, not your ARC. A work permit is a small card with the same size of your credit card. Do you have it? Or have you seen it?

If you are not sure on your work permit, your immediate concern should be on your work permit, rather than your DUI. You could be fined and deported. Of course your ARC would not be issued.


FWIW, my work permit was a single page document not a card.


Also, your boss sounds a bit shady, Anna. It’s no big deal to him if your predicament here falls through. He’ll just hire a new teacher. His advice about teaching without an ARC seems suspect. What about your bank account? You can’t set that up without an ARC.


ARC and work permit aren’t the same. If you are working, you need to ask your boss to produce the work permit. If he doesn’t, I would run, not walk away from that place. The work permit is required to apply for the ARC. The former allows you to legally work, the latter to legally reside (in this case based upon your job).

I agree with others, your boss sounds a bit suspect and determining your work permit status is likely far more important than any background check issues you may or may not have.


Yikes new thing to worry about. I’m going to email him and ask, they were just paying me with cash until I get my arc. I know another employee is doing the same thing while he waits for his arc, when I was hired I was told not to worry about anything and that they take care of all those details.


Now, my impression is you are working illegally with high probability. sigh

There are many employers that cheat applicants and government. Your employer could be one of them. It’s so easy to confirm the legality of your status. Just telling them to show you your work permit. You don’t do that.


You can. If you don’t have an ARC, apply to the NIA for an ID number to use in lieu of an ARC.


Ok so I looked through my documents and it looks like I did fill out a work permit application form through my school before I started teaching.


Ok, then, is it before June 16?


No it’s not sadly, barely missed the cutoff


Now, it is clear that the background check is to get your work permit, and your work permit is not issued yet.

So, sadly, your current employer is one of those cheating, and you are working illegally.


Its not enough to just apply, the application must be accepted and approved and the work permit granted before you can begin work. Would recommend you stop working until you have the work permit. If they find out you’ve been working at any point during this process, you run the risk of being deported and not allowed back for some time.

It may be the the school doesn’t quite understand this, but I doubt it.


Doesn’t look like a school without experience…


That might be the open work permit for APRC holders and other people with open work rights.

I have a copy of my work permit, which is several pages but my employer has the original.


Oops, I got those two confused. you’re right. The card is for an APRC holder. For a usual ARC holder it’s a paper(s).

The conclusion on the OP’s situation is the same, though.


And once it’s issued, you still can’t start working until the permit’s starting date.


If they are paying by cash without a payment slip, they know that they are doing it illegally.


I haven’t been paid yet so I’m unsure, I literally just started teaching. Regardless my main concern is the dui. I kind of think I may end up being ok, it seems Taiwan is mainly worried about sexual offenses and children’s safety. I can’t help but think being a woman may play in my favor as well but we’ll see. The thought of being denied is pretty devastating though I really love Taiwan and want to stay here for the year. The concern for me is the wording “no criminal conduct” I see in the article.