Taiwan beer rewarded!?

So what the heck happened here?

Taipei TImes story

Could there have been a mix-up with Taiwan Draft (still not award winning material but noticably better and more consistant).

Or maybe they just sell us the shit that’s been sitting around in unrefridgerated warehouses for a month.

A CNA story, actually. Taiwan Pijiu beat out Sam Adams but lost to Miller? See the results for yourselves:

Whatever happened to Wonderful Beer and all those other knock-offs?

Well, I’d take bottled Taiwan beer any day over just about all the other crap available here, with the exception of Cooper’s.
And that includes that sweetened Chinese medicine that they bottle and sell as “Belgian” beer! Urgh!

Try Erdinger Weiss beer that they sell here in Taiwan imported from Germany. Be sure to pour almost all of it into a glass save for about 1cm at the bottom. Then, swill it around in the bottle a while and pour out the last bit of precious yeast into the glass. Smooth and tasty! My favorite. Try it, it is the only beer available here in Taiwan that I like to drink.

Oops, forgot about Erdinger Weiss, although I don’t like their dark beer. I still say Taiwan bottled beer is not a bad drop, although I don’t know that I’d have given it a silver medal. There again, though, they gave the gold to … MILLER!!! So that kind of lessens the value of the award, I suppose.

Seems every time touch that stuff, I wake the next morning only to be fanging for a panadol sandwich. What a joke, canned Taiwan beer is about the same a chewing aluminium foil and drinking cat’s piss at the same time. I hope this win means they change their packaging but.

Bottled, not canned, is the only way to go.

That just makes for cat’s pee without the aluminium foil. An improvement, I agree, but still …

Originally posted by sandman: Bottled, not canned, is the only way to go.
Definitely. And on ice! [img]images/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]

Do other people findTaiwan beer erratic?

I’ve had some bottles that were quite good and others that were really awful.

About 16 years ago BANG Magazine had an interview with the head of Taiwan Beer. He was quoted as saying “The great thing about Taiwan Beer is that every bottle tastes different”. And he was perfectly serious.

Taiwan beer is the worst muck ever brewed (except for beers like Victoria Bitter in Oz) or that bitter they sell in England
Anyway look at what came first, MGD brewed by Beamish and Crawford in Ireland, and Sam Adams 3rd. The poll was taken among commercial brewers and various organisations and included commercial viability. The most important factor was whether people would order another beer after drinking the first one…

Taiwan beer’s nowhere close to the worst beer ever brewed. That distinction has to go to either Budweiser, Coors, Pabst, Michelob or maybe Milwakee’s Finest (HA! HA!)

Whatever other failings America posesses, its propensity for producing piss-water near-beer is hard to beat.

Just as well they have so many great microbreweries!

Personally, I think the worst American beer is Old Milwaukee. It’s about the only thing I won’t drink even for free.

No, it’s Old Milwaukee Light.

Originally posted by Maoman:

quote[quote]Definitely. And on ice! [img]images/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img] [/quote] Would you like a straw with that?

When a bunch of drunken off duty Taxi drivers tell you “Taiwan Bee-ru, Number One”. We can easily understand their perspective. You are loyal to what you grow up with, particularlly if you’ve never been anywhere else.

I’ve always found it amusing how a certain type of expat punter adopts drinking Taiwan pi-jio as a badge of honor ( the edjits who form the core of the Taipei Hash for instance ). I guess it’s cool to drink local, even if local is shite. And, the thinking goes, a slightly cheaper cost means more piss to get totally legless on.

To award Taiwan Beer an international award for excellence is beyond absurd. Would you really expect the National Monopoly of a country with no tradition of beer brewing, with a dubious water supply, using imported ingredients, widely beliveved to use phmaldehyde as a preservative, to produce world class beer? What a joke!

I’m sure that somewhere, in some competition, under some category, Mainland Chinese Cabernet has won some “international award”. But does that mean we are going to select it over any number of superior wines from Old and New World producers? If you are not an alcoholic, and/or extremely tight with the cash - probably not. The fact remains that beyond the novelty, China is not a serious player in world class wine production. In much the same way, Taiwan Beer, in a sea of truly fine brews, is nothing more than novelty footnote.

At least the cabbies, and the expat yabos must be pleased to know that, according to “the experts”, they are indeed drinking such a fine, subtle, internationally renkowned brew. If this news item has been pushed in local reporting, expect even more crapping on, from your Taiwanese friends and the gone-native beer drinkers, about how great their one-and-only beer is.

[ The only beer produced by a national monopoly that I’ve ever come across, that is actually a good drink is Castle Lager produced by the South African Breweries. It’s a “good” workhorse beer - nothing more, certainly not “great”.]

I wanna know whats up with Keystone. Why is it advertised as a non-bitter beer when its probably one of the bitterest major beers out there?

Originally posted by Mwalimu: And, the thinking goes, a slightly cheaper cost means more piss to get totally legless on.

Not entirely sure what team you’re batting for there, but IMHO, a glass of beer from a green Taiwan Beer draft bottle vs. a glass of Heineken taken from a Heineken bottle are almost identical to me.
I’m not saying that Heineken is a particulary good beer, but rather to say that if Heineken can be taken as a benchmark for european lager beers to be judged against, then Taiwan draft matches its quality and beats it in terms of price per liter.