Taiwan Construction begun on world’s longest single-mast, asymmetric cable-stayed structure (a bridge in Danshui)

A bridge in Danshui, making the international news.

lm waiting for see it finished


Still waiting!

You might have to wait a couple of more days

That’s like our new six billion dollar self anchored bay bridge eastern span .

A white elephant if ever I saw one. Why do we need to reduce travel times between Bali and Tamsui? Who the fuck lives in Bali and why do they need to go to Tamsui?


The road continues on to CKs airport

Beat me to it. Yes, it will cut travel time from Danshui to the airport if you’re driving.

On Route 61, another huge waste of money.

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I used to love driving that route to the CKS, if i was not in a hurry.
From Wanli to Tamshui and all the way along the coast to CKS. Nice drive back then.


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This is looking like that bridge in Kinmen (from the big Kinmen to the little baby Kinmen) that they started building in 2012, then discovered the company building it had never built a bridge before, so they hired another company to build it in 2014, then that stopped, and I think the president made some address there back in August about how they’re building a bridge from Big Kinmen to Little Kinmen. How very productive these bridge being built are.

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Supposed to be done 2024 according to that report.


A bridge that is being built between Kinmen Island and Lieyu is on track to be finished by September and open to traffic in October


Still asking. Who needs to go from Bali to Tamsui in such a hurry?


That will make a great night time racing track for the Fast and Furious - Taiwan crew in Daddy’s sports car.

It’s not just Bali, but Linkou and the airport and highway are there.

I guess if it relieves congestion in the road up to Guandu it’d be a good thing. But Taiwan sure does waste money on some weird stuff. There’s bridges in NTC crossing rivers when there’s literally nothing on the other side to cross to.