Taiwan Construction begun on world’s longest single-mast, asymmetric cable-stayed structure (a bridge in Danshui)

But in this case there is. Going all the way down through Taipei to get to Highway 1 is a slog. And if New Taipei wants to be a ‘city’, it needs to be a bit more cohesive.

Right now, Highway 61 ends in Bali. Should the highway not end in a more substantial area?

It’s not a bridge to Bali, it’s the extension of the highway.


Makes it easier for the bucket load of Tourists Taiwan gets :rofl:

USD500 million is a lot of money for a bridge.

Marco, when he wants to get his plane on time? And as said it relieves some congestion at the other bridge, people working in Wugu and other industrial places in NTC.

I’m not sure what you mean.

If Taipei port is going to replace Keelung port like they say it will, that bridge will be essential.

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Does the bridge add that much to the value of Taipei port? Sure, increased access to Danshui and Sanzhi and Shimen, but I’m skeptical those areas are of much importance. The bridge isn’t increasing access to Taipei City - the road through Zhuwei especially is a horrible chokepoint, at least for now. (Were/ are there plans to tear up the mangroves and put a highway over much of the river? I half-recall that.)

If Taiwan’s population were still increasing, I could see a lot of future population growth in the Danshui area (and builders certainly seem to believe that’ll happen), but the population isn’t going up.

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They’ve been bickering over the proposed Danshui-Taipei expressway for years. It’s only about 5 kilometers long, but it’ll run across the mangroves, so conservationists are protesting against it. It was originally going to be a double-decker, but it’s now scaled down to just the ground level. Still, as an avid cyclist, I hope it never gets built.


They don’t need more car lanes. Make one lane on each side a bus lane, one lane on each side a wider sidewalk and two way bike lanes. Make the car lane narrow so that pulling over is impossible without infuriating everyone behind the selfish prick.

Then the traffic will flow!


Run a lane into the river.

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Indeed. It’s inevitably a chokepoint - but boy, there’s always someone doing something selfish and making the congestion significantly worse.

Yeah, I don’t think the road should be expanded either. Make it easier for people to use transit to get from their homes to MRT stations, rather than reducing bus frequency.

What about a train you can drive cars onto? Would that work?

From Bali, cars can get straight onto the 64, and then directly to the #1 or to most of New Taipei. I think it might actually cut down traffic through Zhuwei (and DaYe road further east) quite a bit. At least, I’m hoping so.

You could probably make it work for scooters. I’d pay to ride my scooter onto a train.

I’ve discovered I can ride my road bike into the MRT Nanking Sanmin station and get out at Hsintien station and vice versa.This is great for Wulai rides in the summer heat.

(Those pinyins was deliberate)

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Not in the morning on weekdays though, right? Only weekends, and after 10am on weekdays?

It’s definitely the time of year I wish we had daylight saving time. Starting a ride around 5:30 in order to be done before things get too hot is … early.

Wait, how on earth are we talking about this in the Danshui River bridge thread?!

Trains carrying vehicles.

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