Taiwan Economy Discussion

That roughly equals income.

Income = Output

Corellation does not equal causation.

Income = Output is an identity, not a correlation.

With 50 % of work hours we achieve 90 % of your yearly output. German efficiency

I talked to this Polish woman back in 2019 who said, *We’re smart. We make Germany pay for everything."

Btw, the DW story is fake news. It uses PPP.

I don’t remember face of girls I talked to last week. She must have impressed you or you seldom talk to girls?


Also, why is German GDP/capita 45K nominal and 63K PPP? Is stuff in Germany cheaper than the US?

maybe free schooling, health care and debt is calculated?

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Possibility. TBH I don’t know what basket of goods PPP covers.

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nor do I. I do presume each entity making calculations probably calculate different aspects of life slightly differently though.

just spitballing. but for example when I first moved here I was able to buy more, do more and save more compared to what I just left in canada. there are many variables of course. but i was making half the money i did in canada but was able to WAY more. health care was (is) cheaper here, education is cheaper here (granted lesser quality in my opinion, a variable…) and so on. so my purchasing power was waaaaaaaaay more than in canada. but I could easily skew the numbers with valid points as well. Legitimate data based “outcomes” based on what the tallyman deems important. It is a fun one, but probably meaningless without more data included. Taiwan looking better than Germany and worse than the USA just seems like an exercise of masturbation when presented as just a simple graph (essentially a cartoon for ego).

That’s why I don’t like price adjustments. Says nothing about the quality. Cheaper can just mean crappier.

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exactly. more data needed, otherwise just watch youtube for opinions.

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