Taiwan is going to ban pitbulls

Well, it’s coming…

I read an article saying the ministry of agriculture will ban pit bulls because people are getting attacked by owners who don’t know how to raise them.


Pit bulls are potentially very dangerous dogs
They are banned in many apartment complexes here in the USA

Some cities too I think


The one type of dog in the states I would never hesitate to shoot if it were to attack/bite anyone I know.


That made me literally LOL.


Just ensure they wear muzzles when out.
I saw one with its owner a couple of years ago and was surprised they were in Taiwan. It would scare the average Taiwanese who is scared of any furry animal to death.
Will the ban include ones already owned?

Good, I hope the list continues. I’ve seen a few rottweilers here off the leash. And while we’re at it, how about doing something about the stray dog problem.

Ban all dog ownership until Taiwanese learn how to look after them. Dumping a dog on your balcony when you go out to work in the morning is not ok. A five minute walk in the alley in the morning and again at night is not sufficient exercise.


Animals are not people . In this culture they will never treat them right.

Some of the nicest dogs I have known have been pit bulls. But they have also been bred to fight so have that potential. Certainly seems like many of the serious dog attacks you hear about involve pit bulls. I could definitely see banning the breeding and selling of specific breeds, but I hope they have a granddoggy clause for ones that are already here.

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those are some mean owners


The main problem with pitbulls, and their ilk, is that they tend to be owned by what Billy Connolly always referred to as “Tattooed Fuckwits!”

With due deference to young people who get tattoos these days, back in the day these were people who uses these type of dogs as a weapon to attack you, although they were mostly German Shepherds back then.


We do believe it is the owner, not the dog. That said, yep, owners here need training, education, awareness. So there should be enforced regulation.

In my hood, there is a responsible owner of a really aggressive dog. He walks him muzzled and with a stick to keep not so bright owners and loose dogs at bay.

There is a pittie/American Staffordshire something with that mug around here. Since in my country they are trained to attack and have killed many people, as soon as I see it, I retreat hastily. The owners do not muzzle it and they only carry a leash, and knowing Taiwanese, I do not trust their grip.

Heck, I used to walk Bobby with a muzzle until he learned not to bite people. Here they walk rotties without it. And with an owner half their weight in the other end, no way Jose.

At the dog park, we have some huge Taiwan mountain dogs. They can run and play with others in the enclosure, well behaved, come when called. Yes, owner is half the size, but dogs listen to the owner. Different story.

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The pit bull once he starts to bite refuses to let go and that’s one reason they are so dangerous. They can bring down dogs much bigger than themselves with that relentless bite

There are dog breeds that most people simply should not own especially when living in an apartment

All large dogs are unsuitable for apartments

And many of the bigger breeds can be dangerous

Fucking huskies. 100% stop people raising them here. Just not fair on them.


You see them shaved all over except for the heads- why do people even have them in this climate?


Someone in our neighborhood had a Old English Sheepdog, poor bugger was sweating worse than me in this climate.


why so much hate toward the best nanny dog :thinking:

In temperament tests operated by the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls were rated the second-most tolerant . The most tolerant dog was the Golden Retriever, and the least tolerant was the Chihuahua.

It has been said that the pit bulls’ jaws locks and that they have the most powerful bite among dog breeds. This has made people wary of their temperament, but neither of these statements are true. Their jaws do not lock, and the dog with the most powerful bite is actually the Rottweiler.


Put bulls were banned years ago in the UK, not just because of their genetic potential for aggression but also because of the dubious pedigree of their owners.

As a lot of other people have mentioned, people just shouldn’t be keeping big and/or active dogs in little apartments. Recipe for disaster, not to mention cruel.

Not all pitbulls are bad (or trained to be bad by human pieces of shit), but when they’re bad… they’re really bad.


I think the article says that existing pit bulls will have to be certified and registered but no new breeds may be imported or bred.

I say it’s the owner so I think some kind of certification by a government body is necessary if someone wants to have a pit bull. You know to demonstrate that he/she knows how to train them and socialize them properly.