Taiwan is NKs 4th largest trading partner?!


So once again, we take all the burdens of being part of the UN without being in the UN with the benefits of being part of it.


Hit it on the nail @Icon. Unfortunately, Taiwan’s identity is often looked at from since the retreat of the KMT instead of before it. Many people here are mixed with not only aboriginals but lots of other ethnic groups that came from different parts. Many families here have been on the island far before CKS and Japans control. Even during Qing dynasty’s time, Taiwan was pretty much control by the people here with the islands own governing bodies that loosely agreed they were part of the Qing control just to have the manchus leave the island be.


In theory, Taiwan benefits from the advice of UN agencies, to protect human rights. In practice, a reasonable person may perceive it as window dressing.


The office said in a statement that Chiang Kuo-hua (江國華), a former Taiwan High Court judge, and his son, Chiang Heng (江衡), chartered a cargo ship via a Chinese intermediary to transport 4 tonnes of anthracite coal from a port in North Korea to Vietnam some time between August and September last year.



What exactly are the charges? We already know Taiwan trades with NK and NK has a trade office here. I guess they didn’t pay off the right people for this to be looked the other way.


The four have been named as defendants and were accused of assisting terrorists and forging documents.


Pretty Taiwan is responsible for their ability to make the nuke. Wouldn’t be surprised to see parts of that nuke say made in Taiwan when we exported mostly tech to them in exchange for raw materials for our manufacturing industry. I would hardly call coal…aiding terrorists when half the country doesn’t even have electricity to be fueled by coal. Sounds like the right people didn’t get a cut from the deal. I hope they defendants shine some light into the whole thing.


Supreme moon face Kim Jong-un is the terrorist. The Taiwanese helped him sell coal to Vietnam, in exchange for gold, USD, RMB, whatever. Supreme moon face than further invests in his nuclear program.
Helping NK to export coal directly violates UN resolution 2371. Yes, Taiwan is not in the UN, but they needed to do something to punish Mr. ex-judge, obviously.


Does Taiwan label NK as a terrorist state?


They had to charge him with something, right?