Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


More drug use more desparate people means more random violence

Lots of surveillance cameras around mean the police can track criminal movement


You should read “the Daily Mail”


I think Taiwan used to be safer. Think it is less safe now.


Kudos to those Good Samaritans.

two rules in parking lots:

  1. Always, always be aware of surroundings. At night or day, can hold keys in a way that when making a fist with the keyring inside the fist, allow a single key to protrude through each of the spacings between the fingers. Scratches nastily if used to punch people, especially when directed at Adams apple.
  2. Once inside car, immediately lock doors. Do not wait for car to automatically lock doors after car is put into Drive.


Two things of note:

  1. That policeman on the left looks straight outta high school with his baby-faced looks and blue uniform.
  2. @ranlee, did you help solve this case or know either Ting or Huang? “Police found that Ting and Huang originally knew each other from cycling.


Chinese are using surveillance cameras everywhere and facial recognition against the muslim minorities in outlying regions and making a police state. This is bad. But using tech as a way to keep crime at bay is awesome.

I can see taiwan having more such cams and possibly having everyone’s facial features recorded within the next 10 years. IT will make it harder to do any crime. Loss of civil liberties though as an interested party can track your whereabouts like you were in a vegas casino. That with your cell phone can put you at real time .

I don’t really want such a draconian society as that though. But it will certainly help solve crime. Won’t cure it, but will help solve it.

The police are minutes away…when seconds count. And yes kudos to the rescuers who stopped the attack on the woman in the car park.

Most people just stop and stare at most. Some may call the police, very few will step in and actively engage against two people with knives.


Statistics say the opposite.


In English


There is always crazy stuff going on everywhere, Taiwan included. The foreign community here is largely shielded and in a naive bubble of perceived safety because of language barriers and our general avoidance of tabloid media and watching the daily news. Most of us just don’t pay attention to it.

Also, violence here tends to be committed by people of relation, either by family, lovers or people they work with.

There is crime here. Western foreigners, for the most part, are not targeted. However, it is smart to always, always be aware of your surroundings, be street smart and prepared for any situation.


I think the so-called drug use is highly overstated due to typical East Asian hysteria concerning drugs. Even if things are a bit less safe now, they’re still heaps safer than most western counties.


definitely. Taiwan would not want an opiod problem like there is in the US


I was attacked by a guy with a knife. In Taipei, on a pedestrial overpass near Shi Da, back in 1989. Crazy guy who hated foreigners. I still have scars.


That was pretty unusual especially at that time.


Yeah i didn’t use to hear of being attacked by knife wielding people at a super market car park in Taiwan. Never heard of such a thing.
Now its a thing.


Too many crazies, not enough mental health resources. Most of these knife attacks are by lone nutters, not organized crime gangs.


How does this one incident make it a “thing”?
I would think that it would require grocery store parking lot knife assaults happening many times for it to be a “thing”.

For example, the MRT knife attack a few years back. It was crazy and terrible, but very random and does not qualify calling it a “thing”, just as this incident. Try not to sensationalize random acts of violence exaggerating the crime rate here.

Knives, especially fruit knives, have been the go to weapon of choice for a very long time here in Taiwan. Knifing incidents have been going on local on local since like always, It happens every once in a while but not all that often.


The organized crime guys have apparently been moving in and out of Taiwan, working as pickpockets and targeting Taiwan’s increasing number of visitors (Japanese, etc).

In addition to these guys, there are also the lone males who once in a while seem to snap and go nuts with fruit knives and the like on the MRT.

And of course there remain Taiwan’s friendly drivers who would run over their grandmothers without blinking.

Those are the types I watch out for nowadays in Taipei.



It was.


Was it the guy who used to jerk off on the overpass?


??? I never heard anything about that.


If so, this may help to explain why the Taipei City government has been steadily removing these structures from our city.