Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


That guy would be famous now, what with all the cell phone cams.


Okay, what’s the story with the wanker? The guy I’m talking about apparently raped several Western women, and attacked several Western men with knives. He was generally angry at the reluctance of Western women to date him, in contrast with the relative success which Western men enjoyed in their overtures to Taiwanese women (or so I was told). I understand that he was executed.


based on news? haven’t you not lived here in 20 years or something?

it may be less safer, but i just landed from england and the difference from there is crazy.


Wow, that is a hard sentence to figure out.

Have not you not lived here in 20 years…
Too many negatives


its a little riddle i left just for you. have fun working it out buddy!


As much as everyone here thinks I know everyone in the cycling community, I am happy to say I do not know these people.


Indeed. Back when Tommy lived here, there were scooter gangs tearing women´s purses away -along with a limb or two. Cops closed that down but we still have the habit of men carrying purses insted of women.

Currently the main problem is the pick pockets from China. They are feasting on Japanese tourists and Taiwanese victims are also increasing. MRT and tourist spots are their hunting grounds. What really upsets me is that they are caught and then expelled… yet manage to come back. Hmmm, why is teh opposite -a Taiwna thief caught in China, expelled, then returns to China and is caught again- not that likely to happen? Rhetoric question, of course.


What a douchebag. That would almost be funny if it weren’t for the obvious tragedy of all the rape and murder.




Ok ok, crime does and did happen. Taiwan is safer then most places yahda yadee dah.

But a woman being accosted with fruit knives at a super market parking lot by strangers is a NEW one FAIK. So its a “thing” because it happened. Not a “thing” as in “it happens everyday thing”
There are “things” and there are “things” :slight_smile: .


Shared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on social media.



thats pretty funny :slight_smile:


20 years ago, there were 4 times more murder cases and 10 times more robbery cases. a woman being accosted with fruit knives at a super market parking lot by strangers might not have become a news at that time.


I have to say, I have never felt uncomfortable walking alone in Taipei, even at night. Of course I stay vigilant and I’m still careful no matter what. But I’ve never truly felt scared. And I think that is really something for me to be able to say, being a very small woman.

In an American city I would never feel comfortable unless I was strapped.


Happy if you are right. Maybe we have more and better reporting of crime now perhaps? Still i feel uneasy that before we may have pickpockets but now women have to worry about guys with knives accosting them while they are getting into their cars.
That kind of stuff isn’t even that common here in the bay area.

The good thing is that hopefully women can be more aware of their surroundings while they board their cars.

Women have been murdered in the USA when some guy breaks into a womans car and then when she drives off with him inside he can easily kidnap her. So they tell ladies to watch to see if anyone is already in their cars before they get in and drive off.


In 1997, you had 16679 victims of violent criminal cases (murder, kidnapping, robbery, snatch and grab, aggravated assault, intimidation and extortion, and rape) and 101271 victims of larcceny.

In 2017, we had 1552 victims of violent crimes and 55391 of larceny cases.


I feel perfectly safe walking around the most dangerous neighborhood here in the middle of the night. All you need to do is avoid drunk people and not flip off gang members. Oh, and it’s safest not to cross any streets if you can help it.


“Watermelon knife purchased for NT$75 before the robbery.”

ROI, not good!


False advertising.


Aren’t companies that hire foreign labor supposed to have a proven income?