Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


Seriously ? In Taiwan? In the year ? HOwver, i do make a distinction between snatch and grab and murder though. As one example.


Indeed however it may net them a few years of “free” food and lodging at the government’s expense.


In 1997, there was really no Internet, no smartphone. People went outdoors at night and weekends to do things.
Now everyone vegetates online or under influence of online gaming from home.


A correction. It is a number of victims of criminal cases.

In 1999, 14125 victims of violent criminal cases and 93083 victims of larceny cases.

Data for 2018 is not yet published.


And steals the boss’ time at the office.


man you are a WEALTH of info ? I mean that in a good way of course.

p.s. unusual that the victims of larceny cases is exactly one less then victims of violent crime cases?


on even BEING on the street as things can and do run into you there, even on the sidewalk. Which reminds me, did that foreign guy survive that car crash ? The one where he got run into while on the sidewalk?


the number was corrected.

The number of traffic accidents was much smaller in the past, but death toll by traffic accidents is less than half now.


What would be interesting is how many murders and rapes were reported in say 1999 versus 2017.

Also how many kidnappings and snatch and grabs where the victim was injured. That is to say incidents where the victims suffered notable injuries as a result of the crime.

Rather then “simple” extortion where there was no physical harm (excluding harm causing suicide).

Just trying to judge the number of incidents of “true” violent crime 20 years ago versus today. ARe the numbers heading north or south?


Not crossing any streets is pretty tricky !


You can check it from the statistic pages of police department.

The number is definitely smaller today than 20 years ago.


…with big GUNS!!


Yeah. I’d rather risk getting knifed on an overpass than cross a street.


I can tell you thirty years ago that night clubs were not very safe , traffic was a mess and it wasn’t a nice life for aboriginal girls, and exotic animals . However, the rate of hourly pay for an Ingwen teacher was about the same now as then. Also it wasn’t easy to get local women confused with foreign women as most of the locals didn’t dye their hair, or have plastic surgery then. As for violent crime well the odd foreigner was known to get thrown off a roof or two, and there was a bit of a crystal meth problem before crystal meth was even used in the west.


And glue sniffing was huge back in those days. It probably didn’t inspire much crime though. You don’t exactly have to resort to armed robbery to support a glue habit.


Yeah I’d forgot about that, guys sitting on the road side with their faces stuck into plastic bags.
I even remember one man using it on the back seat of a public bus and everyone just ignored him.


It was an hypermarket, thos ethings are huge. Like 5 stories, couple blocks in lenght.


Taiwan’s safe, at least in terms of the risk of violent crime. I’ve only had one physical altercation here, and that was with an Aussie who didn’t understand poker etiquette.


I remember a rash of random fruit-knifings (always fruit knives for some reason) by scooter drag racers in Taichung in the early 1990s.

It’s not any safer or less safe now than before. Taiwan has always had its fair share of crazies on the loose. Random shit has been going on for decades. But compared to most countries, Taiwan is still near the top of the list in terms of safety from muggings, random attacks, etc.


Be careful! Those streets may be quite narrow for a fine specimen such as yourself. :wink: