Taiwan just (slightly) relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules

Curious to know if you’re from a country that doesn’t allow you to renounce your nationality. Or are there other legal loopholes that let you keep your original citizenship?

Patiently waiting for some news…

It’s my case, my country provide the paper to present Taiwan. I will apply next year when I 35, is not a problem but ofc depends the person on charge.

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Hey don’t jinx it!



Is this conjecture or actually written into law somewhere? If I don’t need to give up all of them then it would open up the way for easy naturalization to me.

You get to keep your original nationality, double standards.


Put it this way. I know a Canadian/NZ dude who switched his ARC to his Canadian passport (who want’s to live there? terrible food, cost of living, low salary, high taxes etc…) anyway… opinions aside. He renounced his Canadian citizenship to become Taiwanese.

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Just seems to be how it’s done in practise. They just ask for the renunciation of the country listed in your ARC.


Hmm ok, when the time comes I’ll need to get it in writing from them to be sure. I thought it was all you have, and I couldn’t hide it because they’re aware I have others (specified it for a visa once a long time ago).

It’s Taiwan. Not always easy to get things in writing.

At the same time, asking for things in writing might have them codify rules against our favours. Which citizenships do you have?

Same here. So… guess we will find out when I do mine.

Oh I didn’t notice this post. Very interesting that you can switch.

Canadian, and Russian which is worthless to me. I also wanted to add a Caribbean passport to my collection.

Might as well switch to the Russian citizenship on your ARC.

I wonder how much trouble I’ll get in for lying to banks that I only have one citizenship if I do that :sob:

Can APRC be changed too?

‘Why do you have Russian citizenship now?’

‘I applied and got a new one. I didn’t have it before and now I have it.’

Or, just change it on your APRC and then go through the citizenship process without giving the banks any glances of your APRC until you get your TARC and renounce the Russian.

AFAIK, yes. Apparently it’s as easy as simply asking to change.

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Very cool info, had I known earlier I would’ve done it already (only 3 years needed if married to local vs 5 for APRC regardless of situation). Now I might as well get APRC first so even if the naturalization doesn’t work out I don’t risk resetting the 5 year count… for a small fee of 10k NT$.

Is reset ? I can apply naturalization 5 month before APRC, are you sure it will reset if for any reason they don’t want to give the citizenship?

Makes a joke of the whole process doesn’t it.

The process is the joke…


Yes you phrased it much better. There is no process just a load of random rules designed to inconvenience immigrants from getting a fair deal.

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