Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)


It wouldn’t be fair to recognize 25 Dec. (the Western date) but not 6 Jan. (the Eastern date, i.e. 25 Dec. of the Julian calendar) or 7 Jan. (the Armenian date, i.e. Epiphany). Not to mention all the days associated with Mazu, who has more devotees here than Jesus.


They do it in Malaysia…Holidays for everybody !


Interestingly I search online and also could only find that Taiwan and China do this ! Could find no reference for Korea.

Taiwan and China really really SUCK that way.

Our company just takes the day off our holidays…Personally I can’t stand working or pretending to work on Saturdays !


I’m thinking anyone could just take unpaid leave and argue the government can’t force you to work on a Saturday. Certainly that’s my plan.


I think it used to be a holiday here because it’s “Constitution Day” or something. Was recognized as a day-off before, but has since been nixed.


My wife works for a Dutch company and they don’t bother with make-up days. I, however, have to teach. Hardly any of the kids will show up and everyone at the uni knows it. It’s just bloody mindedness making me haul my arse into class.

It means our Christmas lunch will have to be in the evening. I suppose we could have it on Sunday.


Everything about it is tedious and counterproductive. A waste of a day and then staff are unrested the next week.


The schools do this as well.

So much WASTED time in school and at work .


There was an article in Chinese somewhere that one of the problems in Taiwan is that people dont see time as 成本。

Cant agree more


Time is probably the most precious resource we have .


I’m sure most of our office/factory will be using a vacation day…including myself.


I used to work Xmas day.
Talk about depressing. I was always and still am the only Westerner in my place of work.


I used to go to school on makeup days as well and most other students would show up.

Makeup days are stupid. I also think it’d be better to just not have any long weekend. It’s better going to work/school on Monday/Friday right before/after a Tuesday/Thursday off.


Same! #feelsbadman.

Last year, I took Christmas off just out of principle. Not that I was actually celebrating it, but just didn’t want to “work on Christmas.”


Yes, that’s right. Just coincidence both fall on 25 Dec.


If I take a day off I have to organise make-up classes for the make-up day classes.


It seems most foreigners/non-locals hate it (make-up days, extra long weekends) while most locals love it. And not just from this thread but from my previous observations as well. Both in Taiwan and China. I wonder why that is?:thinking:


Yeah, when I first lived in Taiwan, Dec. 25 was Constitution Day and a holiday, but everyone treated it as Christmas. Then the DPP took power and stole Christmas from us.

I have had to argue every year with my bosses or clients that I simply don’t work on Christmas Day because it is Christmas Day… THE holiday of the year. I may be an atheist, but Christmas is sacred.


I just tell them I won’t be coming to work on Christmas for religious reasons and no one gave me a hard time before.

When ma was the mayor he had some decent Christmas parties in Taipei.


You don’t need to go to work but you won’t get paid for it and there’s nothing to do since nobody else if off.
When I needed the money I went to work.