Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)


You’re from Japan?


Make up days Make up days. Consider yourself lucky.
Not too long ago the drill was Monday - Friday full work days. Saturday, kids went
to their regular school until noon and then pop over to the cram schools until dinner time. Then your weekend began.


Who here remembers the Saturday noon rush hour? That was fun.


I didn’t work Saturdays back then. And no kids. Still no kids, which is a good thing.


Am I the only one who got this???


I’ve worked two Christmas days. Both were depressing and not worth it. Espcially the one in china


I said this before and I’ll say it again, not all countries/cultures celebrate Christmas. Just like not all countries/cultures celebrate Lunar New Year. Or Ramadan or Diwali or ‘fill in the blank’.

The OP’s title is wrong because Taiwan never had Xmas in the first place (aside from the fact that 25 Dec used to be a holiday in Taiwan but it had nothing to do with Xmas).






Yes, I get the point. I’m sure you can find kids dressed up as Easter Bunny in Taiwan but Easter isn’t an official holiday in Taiwan either. Christmas in the commercial sense is also very present in Japan but its not an official holiday there either. Same is also true in Mainland China. And the list would go on & on.


If not official, at least given imprimatur by the nation’s highest leaders (and a bunch of sexy elves).


Yes, but the highest leaders are free to continue to do that, dress up in Xmas costumes with a bunch of sexy elves. If that’s the definition of Xmas, then it hasn’t been killed. No new law banning Xmas trees, Santa Claus actors, politicians dressing up in Xmas costume, etc.




Exactly. :sunglasses:


On December 24, 1990, a muthafuckin’ Monday, I danced on the bar of Roxy as the clock struck midnight safe in the knowledge that the great Christian leader Chiang Kai-shekel had enshrined Baby Jesus’ birthday as an official holiday of the Republic of Chyna and therefore I would not be working the next day.

That ain’t happening no more. I stand by my title. Taiwan killed Xmas.


I don’t mind the distinct lack of holiday spirit here. I find it very peaceful and nonintrusive.

I’m actually so used to ignoring the holiday now that coming across a hint of Christmas in my day-to-day is kind of unsettling. When I stopped by the local mall yesterday I was very disturbed by the German Christmas carols playing in Nitori. Made my brain feel like mashed potatoes.




Or, the DPP killed ROC Constitution Day. More like it…


I hear Blac Chyna celebrates Christmas.


“Danced” is kind of a stretch.

And now you know why they canceled it.


Is it still racist not to care about Christmas? Or is it somehow even more racist now?