Taiwan Live Cams (Camera Streams)

Recently some live street camera channels started to show up in my youtube feed. I’m not sure how to find more and I’d like to know what others are available.

A website from some tourism bureau, fairly shitty interface:



Another gov website, this time with road cameras (there’s an app for Android and iOS with the same cameras):

Enjoy it pervs.

Jeez, people can’t even take their secretary/personal assistant anymore!

When I was young and in my prime I would occasionally go to Daxi and rent a board from the Spider Surf Shop. They had a cam overlooking the beach. I think they’re still around.

The have or had the same in Jinshan.

This was it, but the website is an antique and it looks like, if the webcam still exists, you have to have some membership. Or it could just be that I don’t have the Java installed.


I already posted that link…

Good for you!:crazy_face:




Looks like a new one. On top of Elephant mountain.


You have to watch this one from YouTube. The following statement is at the foot of the info about it there -
“You are welcomed to share this video but you are not allowed to download, upload, embed or make it for other use without permission.”

After watching this live feed I’m imagining there’s a band up there playing that accompanying music :slight_smile:

While afternoon tea is served under an awning with mist blowers.

Any time these days I read about tea in Taiwan I immediately assume it’s not about real tea, but about “Wanhua tea.” Which made the rest of the sentence above very odd.

I wonder how long I’ll have that reaction. (Stupid COVID. Which I could append to all my posts these days.)

EDIT: Oh wow, that is BAD music playing with that live cam!

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It wouldn’t be Taiwan if the background music wasn’t bad.


Taoyuan’s Live cam show up in my YT suggestions now.

Watching the fishing boats at Yong’an Harbor is cool (with music too!)


This gave me an idea… if it were possible to go back to the exact moment when an earthquake happened… that could be cool. Not sure what cam to look at though, since most of them are in other areas that might haven’t been affected by the quakes I’m aware of, or don’t have anything that would move like street lights or tall buildings.

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OK, you can see it in this video, minute 5:51. Pretty cool. It’s hard to see but the bucket thing hanging off the crane on the right side of the image swings a bit. I can’t see the buildings moving though.