Taiwan Predictions Next 5 Years 2020-2025

Let’s hear your best predictions for Taiwan over the next 5 years.

I’ll start:

You’ll see more pickup trucks. Many will have a rather anxious looking dog in the back

TVNR will become law and standard practice with stray and feral cats and dogs. You will be required to take a course and test to get a license for owning pets. These two things will be so effective, that the amount of invasive predictors decreases drastically, leading to an explosion of Formosan leopard cat population. So many in fact that the government will open up for people to adopt them as pets. That’s when I’ll get two of them at my place.



I rate this prediction 0.0001% chance of happening

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By 2025 Taiwan would be working internationally with much clearer status. More Development in the technology while people more lost into it… like we are today with the phone gadgets…:+1::thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Too vague too general. Try again

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Reunification with the fatherland. Ha, just kidding! :grin:

More places for people to dance in front of the Mirror.:grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:


Cashless society. If you’re a foreign resident, your EasyCard will be more important than your passport because it will be the only way you can pay for anything.

Riots in China will push businesses into Taiwan, greatly improving the economy for a few years until labor shortages from immigration policies will redirect such business into SouthEast Asia.

Utility rates will skyrocket as the last nuclear reactors will be closed though renewable energy turned out to be wildly inefficient.

Taiwan will elect it’s first robot politician which will resign after inappropriate comments about elderly people.

Miley Cyrus will be the most popular artist in the country.

An earthquake will flatten Banqiao, making it a deserted wasteland popular with Instagrammers.

The Taipei Dome will near completion.


0.00000000000000001% chance of any of that happening


Now you’re pushing it too far.


Not a sensible post yet (besides mine).


Fine, I’ll do a serious one.

Taiwan will complete building its first fusion reactor by 2025.
The Taipei Dome will be nearing completion.

That’s better. Could actually happen as I’ve heard men like to dance naked in front of mirrors after sex. And government is trying to promote fertility.

Good job


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Guys, try to make reasonable predictions, please. Let’s keep nonsense like “The Taipei Dome will be nearing completion” and “The air quality in Taichung will get better” out of here, let’s stick to realistic predictions.


You tell those damn online degenerates!

I predict that after he loses the election, Korean Fish will start a successful chain of Korean fried chicken restaurants.

  1. Still No salary increase.
  2. More bus driver’s and Taxi driver’s will be out of job due to new MRT route are increasing.
  3. Sprouting new buildings around Taipei and New Taipei City.
  4. Taiwan will not win Ms. Universe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  5. Labor and NHI will get bankrupt.
  6. Lots of young adult doesn’t want to get married due to many factors in life.

By 2025, Taiwan will be left by tando.