Taiwan, Province of China?

I was looking for something on forumosa.org, and was asked to fill out a survey. I would have happily submitted it, but for the fact that Taiwan was listed as “Taiwan, Province of China”. Of course, I couldn’t complete it like that. Just thought you might want to know…

These drop-down menus drive me nuts.

I wish we could add: “surrendered by China in perpetuity in 1895.” At least then it would be factual.


Is there an entry for Occupied Palestine? Or Best Korea?

Political maps are so politicized.

Many programmers just copy paste some code without checking.

A list like this is often the case because they follow some standard of a list of countries.
And then there are Chinese that flood opensource projects for years with this:

Just noticed this is still an issue. You guys interested in sponsoring Canada Day 2019, by any chance? :laughing:

Interesting, is Antarctica a country? How about “American Samoa”. Look at the picture, both are listed as being in the country drop-down menu. It would be easier if “country” was replaced with another word. Such as ‘location’.

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Technically Taiwan is a province of the Republic of China.

Until Taiwan desinicizes itself I’ve stopped flagging these things.

Change comes from within.

Which option should people in Fujian, Province of the Republic of China, select?

I guess they would be stuck with “China, province of Taiwan”

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Predictable future.

Still there! Was shocked to have seen that. Was actually creating a topic when I saw the previous topic.

Looking for Country of Taiwan Numba One Republic of Asia. Can’t find it. Survey broken.

Yeah, they could simply rephrase the question into “Where do you live?” and side-step the issue

Or take that imaginary province of china off.