Taiwan shoots it's overstayed

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Don’t give Trump any ideas. He would sanction shooting of overstayed illegals too. Cept he would have to have millions of them shot.

I think shooting this guy was very wrong. Guns shouldn’t be used on people who are not armed.
He was an overstayed illegal and tried to get away by pushing a cop. The Taiwanese cops couldn’t catch him on foot so decided to shoot him. Firing as many as five shots.

I don’t think this is the proper way. Over stayed illegals should not be shot because they are running away. You can catch them another time. How big is Taiwan anyway?

Course an American cop would have shot the dude dead if he was pushed. And his fellow coppers all would have unloaded their guns on him. He would have something like 80 shots fired at him.

All wrong though. This is not Nazi Germany is it?

Wonder if they shot him just because he was Vietnamese. Maybe some Taiwanese cop wanted to get revenge for the riots a couple of years ago in Vietnam that destroyed Chinese and Taiwanese businesses there.

Nope. The Nazis were organized and generally killed people according to strict criteria, with a triple stamped paper-trail. They didn’t just shoot brown(er) people in the street.

Well, assuming the report is accurate ( :whistle: ), they weren’t actually shooting at the guy. They just didn’t seem to be aware that bullets can ricochet.

It’s also possible that they suspected he was an actual criminal, rather than just an illegal immigrant. Who knows?

But yeah, not smart pulling a gun if you don’t know it’s likely to (as they say on safety stickers) cause serious injury or death.

A few juicy bits not mentioned in the article, but in video:

  1. the guy was taking the taxi from Xindian to Zhonghli. At 1am, there are still buses, but yeah, he makes so much money as an illegal alien worker, he can take a 1200 ntd taxi ride after a night of party… we hope.

  2. When the taxi was intercepted, he pretended to be engrossed with his phone. He was asked for his Taiwanese ID. Do you have it? Sure, just a second… SPRINT!

Did not noticed he pushed the cop. None were restraining him before.

Pulling a gun and shooting away… ayayayayayaay