Taiwan should consider giving large child credits


It should consider running a larger deficit to slow the decrease in population. The best thing people can do for the long-run economy right now is make lots of babies.

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They can just increase immigration without having to locally source the population.


Just for the fat kids??


That was the first thing I saw, too!
(great minds, someone said…)


Has there ever been a country that did this and didn’t regret it down the road?


I would lobby for including medium-sized children.


They should do that too, but that won’t get you enough.

Yes, they could go either way.

The worst plan a country like taiwan can do is make lots of babies. It is avsolutely not sustainable in.any metric given current technologies and avilities with our land mass.

What would eleviate most of the issue is allow more.immigration and open up more. You get instant workforce without waiting 18 years, 25 by todays lazy standards, and more international recognition at the same time. We already have insanely low food security, pollution and diseases are through the roof and quite a lot of social problems people turn a blind eye to. Taiwans puppy mill style of paying for people to breed is short sighted and beyond fugging retarded…


Both would be better. It is rational to want to make more people who look and act like you. It is rational to invite foreigners in to work.

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What? How would immigrants on the land be sustainable but babies not??

More immigrants and more babies. Do both.


Rational, yes. But the methodology is hardly intelligent.

Overpopulation is the single most unstainable aspect of taiwan…immigrants come and go, adding to the countrys economy. There is not a 2 decade wait before they become economically useful sheep for the system…this has been experienced literally worldwide for ages.


Expats come and go. Immigrants are here to stay.


Both methods seem easy and compatible. Let them in and leave when the job is done.

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good distinction there. I missed that. I shall begin the flogging.

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Sounds like just the place everyone not desperate would want to immigrate to! Maybe we could make an ad campaign out of this.

Taiwan…come for the food insecurity, stay for the pollution, disease and social problems.

Economists don’t agree on whether a larger population is good or bad for sustainability.

For example, the larger a population you have, the more Elon Musks you’ll have too.

Immigration is great but it won’t get us where we’d want to be.

I think we can do more to get bright software engineers from India to come. Non-economic incentives too, e.g., hold a Diwali festival at the presidential palace, make them feel appreciated.

However, as Milker and others have said, those in charge of immigration believe the Han race is superior.

You’re right on having working-age people being more productive than babies.

This guy was Bush’s chief economist:

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The issue is bigger than simply economics. On this island what happens when the pools of people get bigger and they get old. So on and.so on. Its a biological norm that species breed themselves into a collapse. Not that i have any idea what a good answer is, but it seems.consistent hey we as a species rarely address this issue now. Before we just culled and sterilized people. Far from an ideal answer to a massive problem.

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