Taiwan, third best place for expats

According to www.internations.org, Taiwan was 1st Place in 2021.
This year 2022 earned 3rd Place.

Do you think Tw will get a higher place or lower?

Definitely won’t get a higher position than in 2021. I’ll bet a beer on it :wink:


What do you think? And why do you care? And what’s your connection with Taiwan (if any at all)? And have you ever even been to Taiwan? Can you tell us all a little about yourself? We haven’t been properly introduced it seems.


There will be no follow-up after the thread is opened soliciting opinions

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I’m not sure about that high of a ranking. But Taiwan does has a lot to offer for expats that don’t want a expensive developed nation or a cheap developing nation.

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Why is New Zealand in the “Bottom 10”? Seems like a nice place.

OK, a Google search answered my questions. Expats say that New Zealand is “Too Expensive,” “Lack of Jobs,” “High transportation costs,” and “lack of culture and nightlife.” I get it. If you’re a young expat who wants to go somewhere interesting and earn money while doing fun stuff (and going out at night) then New Zealand is a bit boring.

Still a lovely country, just a bit isolated.

Anywhere nanny is in charge is going to be boring and overregulated.


How is Indonesia #2?


the definition of expat is very open to interpretation. if the meaning is being on an expat package, when your company pays for rent of high end condo, international school, and your salary goes way way further than in EU or USA … Indonesia isnt that bad. even Myanmar will rank high…

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How the hell is Taiwan #1? I like the place but the lack of a real and sizeable international community of highly educated professionals is really missing here… low quality housing etc doesn’t make sense.

Actually places like Jakarta and Bali it will be way easier to access these things…


They’re back, whoever they are.

Someone probably slipped an envelope under the table.

they are here, just not white, so you dont notice them…

Mostly from the subcontinent

New Zealand is awesome place to work and live.

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I mean yeah housing could use work, but at least people can afford to pay their rent unlike the USA where a shed goes for 30,000ntd. 30k ntd in taiwan esp in the south gets you a damn luxury flat.

Yeah because you only need to give your mom or dad like 4000 NTD a month.


I dont think so. But you can live in a decent place outside of Taipei for sure.