Taiwan to lift ractopamine restrictions


Sounds like an epithet…


Is that the digital version of Mr. Koreas tramp stamp?

Continued opposition to the lifting of US pork import restrictions. Headline coverage on Taiwan news stations focus on the proposed referendums to keep the restrictions on US pork.

Ugh. Go jump in a lake, Ko.

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Perhaps thats a smart way of regulating something without affecting international cooperations?

Taiwan has laws regulating this drug domestically as well, i wonder how bad it will blow back in their face haha. Of course it wont, pork industry is pretty strong and insanely corrupt. Banning imported pork based on this will directly affect locally produced pork. If teated. It is all a farce.

Let the importsin, allow free market to dictate demand. get better trade deals and military equipment and support and have a hope in fighting the buggest enemy the world has seen. I am strongly anti growth hormone, but this is a no brainer. The whole thing is clearly farce…kmt must be more worried than we thought.

1-2 years before starting to talk about it? Cmon.