Taiwan trans influencer claims she is 'pregnant'

Is Wang Yao pregnant or not?

There’s no place to put things like trans and social and influencers and stuff but anyway.



Doctor Su Yi-ning, a renowned ob-gyn professional, said: "Based on common sense in medical science, just one word, I wish you well, but don’t bulls**."*

Harsh but fair, I’d say. Harsh but fair.


It seems eminently plausible, notwithstanding the lack of a uterus/ovaries/eggs issue. :thinking:

Nature is truly amazing. Medical science is just fortunate that this miracle happened to an Instagram influencer rather than a nobody, so it can all be documented.

The Punnett square for the baby’s sex is interesting - 50% chance of it being a boy, 25% chance of it being a girl, and 25% chance of it being whatever YY is (presumably a miscarriage).

Of course it’s not real. I am curious what their exit strategy to this is going to be though.

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Interesting. I hadnt realised human transplants into males was legal in taiwan? Any more info on this realm of procedures?

There’s a reason why this story is in the entertainment section

I asked asiaone directly, they have just moved the story to the trans pregnancy section.

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Attention whores


I hope you would respond the same to a cis gendered IVF.

They’re both just science improving the lives of people who need it.

That’s what influencers are. Nothing to do with being trans.


Has there been some huge leap in science that I didn’t hear about or is this fake?

Since uterus-transplants are not a thing yet, I’ll go with bs. But like @Andrew0409 said, it has more to do with being an influencer than being trans.

You know how some here feel when they read in the news how a foreigner did something stupid? That’s how I feel about this sh*t.:sob:


Wait, you actually believe she’s pregnant? :thinking:

If so…how? Like uterus-wise. And why is the hospital they’re claiming to have had the ultrasound at claiming it has no record of them, and why are doctors claiming that no one in Taiwan has the ability or permission to attempt to perform the procedures that would be required?

I don’t think this is a trans rights thing, so much as it is an Occam’s razor type thing with the choice of placing your belief in (i) everything that’s currently known about human reproduction and (ii) two attention whore “influencers” claiming something implausible with vague details and a photo of an ultrasound that’s already been disputed.


It could be ectopic pregnancy. I don’t know if it is allowed, though.

I haven’t read the article, so don’t know what is claimed.

That’s not what my comment was about. I have no interest in a debate like this.

I responded to @Andrew0409s use of the word whore.

I felt it was in poor taste in this circumstance

Would this fall under that term? I’m not sure - that would seem to imply that a fetus had been deliberately transplanted outside a uterus (as there isn’t one) with little chance of surviving to term. It’d be a brave/unethical doctor that elected to do that without permission. Remember all the controversy surrounding the Chinese doctor who produced the first gene-edited babies?

And it can’t be anything remotely “natural”, unless a sperm cell somehow found a way to fertilize another sperm cell.

if you don’t have internet, you would not open the thread…

I’m not Andrew, but I’m sure he would use the word to cis gender pregnancy in any similar circumstances.

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ya, so I don’t know if it is allowed, and most certainly it isn’t.

For completeness, he used the term “attention whore”, which is a valid and well understood term for people, regardless of cis/trans, whoring themselves out for attention.


Has absolutely nothing to do with being trans. These influencers are all attention whores. It’s a incredibly shallow profession. I’ve known more than a few to see how these people are in real life.