Taiwan Typhoons 2010

Not trying to put a jinx on Taiwan but there is a tropical storm out there…

Actually, it is the second typhon of this season, and it is currently close to Philipines, so, there is a high chance it will bring some rain.

Start the preparations: water, canned food, pet food, movies and beer.

Still early, but it looks like at least southern Taiwan will get a bit of rain:

EDIT: I used an auto-updating picture, so if you view it a day or more later, my description might not match the picture. Typhoon Conson has moved south since yesterday and looks like a miss now.

We’ll certainly need a bit more of a swoop more to the north, but that wouldn’t be totally out of the ordinary for typhoons coming from the east and up from the Philippines.

My wife mentioned that they are already talking about it on the news, of course. I think it’s perhaps wishful thinking for some, wanting a dose of rain to cool us all off. Certainly wouldn’t want anyone to suffer any trouble of any kind though from a typhoon coming. We all know what they are capable of.

Thunder and lightning with the rain today was most welcome. Pity it didn’t last.

In Taipei??? When? :ponder:

I was holding interviews in 101, facing the window, and bolts of lightning were striking right in front of my eyes, in downtown Taibei, blinding me, around mid afternoon. It’s very hard to interview someone when your retinas are fried.

In Taipei??? When? :ponder:[/quote]

Sometime around the late afternoon. Can’t recall exactly when, I was in the cubicle timewarp which starts when I sit down and ends when I leave work. But it was lovely. Minsheng East, section 3, around #156.

Ah must be downtown, not in Neihu…or I was too spaced out to notice.

It’s been raining here in the chungle for about four days now. Would be happy to swap weather with you.

Lightning struck a block away from me this afternoon around 4:30 in Songshan. Love the torrential downpours - they clean out the smog nicely.

'Twas a lovely day in my riverside abode in Danshui. No rain, no lightning, nice breeze blowing, great view of the river and sea. Perfect. :smiley:

Yeeee…aaaah… Hmmm… Same here. Lovely sunny and warm to hot weather all day. Then ten minutes before I need to go to work, guess what? It starts pissing down buckets. :fume:

A taxi driver just told me a typhoon is on its way. I can’t find any evidence of this on the internet, although the weather feels like it. Anyone know anything about this?

I don’t see it on the government website, but we’re due. We’ve not yet had one this year.

Of course one has to come. I have a two-week holiday coming up and I’m staying in Taiwan. So expect a typhoon to hit any time after next Friday.

I feel the winds, should be heading in…

I feel the winds, should be heading in…[/quote]

You’re in China, aren’t you? That’s some serious wind if you’re feeling it over there. It’ll be a biggie for sure, unless I’m the victim of a wind up.

Yep, looks to be a tropical depression out to the east. I’ve found that this website: http://www.typhoon2000.ph/ out of the Philippines pretty much always puts them up first. They also link to data from a bunch of different agencies, so you can compare. Anyway, there is a storm, but it doesn’t look like much at the moment…

There was a time the weather bureau forgot to notify us that there was a foon till the foon was at the door. Some heads at the weather service rolled.