Taiwan versus South Korea (infrastructure in general, green areas, etc.)

There are many debates about the progress in recent decades between South Korea and Taiwan, I think that in these videos you can see the evolution of the capitals but in general it would be valid for all the rest of the two countries.
State of buildings, public roads, infrastructure in general, green areas, etc.
As a reference to the quality of these two you tube videos, it is clear that one of the biggest deficiencies of Taipei and surely it is valid for all of Taiwan is the chaos in urban planning and many very dirty buildings compared to Seoul.
What is clear is that the MRT in Taipei has nothing to envy that of Seoul and I think that Taipei is much greener than Seoul. And surely those who hate the extreme cold of Seoul is not the best place to live in winter.
But the average hours of sunshine in Seoul, South Korea - 2,066.0 hours and in Taipei, Taiwan - 1,405 hours.


I prefer the climate in Seoul for sure. I think it’s nice to have those seasons.
Also it is more orderly and the apartment buildings can be boring in parts but it just looks better and clean overall.
Both cities have air pollution, Seoul probably worse. Taipei has way more noise pollution from the scooters. Taiwan desperately need to dump all the motor scooters. I don’t think Taipei is green really, bit it’s about the same as Seoul.
Both cities have similarities for instance the Riverside bikeways and parks and the expressways and also entertainment and shipping districts…Gangnam some similarity to Xinyi.
Seoul has better pavements but still too many wide roads. Traffic can be bad for commuters.
The top hotels in Seoul are swankier than Taipei …Anyway they have a lot of similarities but I think Seoul gives off a more global city vibe.
Taipei city maybe more unique and local in a way.


Taipei is definitely dirtier and more noisy than Seoul. Whenever my parents come over from Seoul to visit, that’s all they complain about.

Oh, and the food. They are not that interested in the food culture here. TBH, can’t really blame them on that front…


In terms of East Asian development it’s always seemed to me

Japan > South Korea > Taiwan > China (outside of Beijing and Shanghai perhaps)


Taiwan is more chaotic, looser, and more casual than Korea.
Korea’s infrastructure is very advanced, wifi everywhere, KTX is fast and effective.
A lot of Seoul is very drab looking architecturally and uninviting looking in parts. Lots of giant blocks of condos.
Korea has good cheap cool clothing everywhere.
Korea has more Christian influence, sometimes they hang outside of the train stations to recruit.
Korea more patriarchal and more old school Confucian legacy, esp in work or after work drinking type situations.
Korean society is more rigid in general. Very status oriented.
Military more prevalent in Korea.
Koreans drink more. Room salons much more expensive than KTVs
Larger physical frames in Korea overall.
Taipei is more provincial and local, but friendlier personally to tourists
More foot massage joints in Taiwan
Korean food way better
I found it harder to communicate in Korea than Taiwan.


I don’t think this is applicable to the rest of the country. Seoul is massive, it’s more than twice as big as Taipei. Aggregation of wealth alone is enough to make Seoul look better.

The rest of the country is far better in Taiwan, except the buildings which are just shite.


As someone who worked in Seoul for 6 years and lived here for 5, I agree with about 80% of your observations.


Koreans are more aggressive and violent. Often fights and loud arguments there, even between work colleagues when they were drinking.


South Korea bans porn. Dealbreaker.

South Korea has anti-democratic internet restrictions. Fast internet means nothing if I can’t use it.


What kind of restrictions? We’re not talking about north korea right?

Unless it’s gotten stricter since I left, it’s very easy to get around that.

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Of course. But. I dont want VPN speeds for my 4K sexy content consumption. I am a man of class. 4K or bust!


South Korea.

South Korea gets very poor scores for a liberal democracy.

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I’ve never been to Seoul, but Taipei has become markedly greener and prettier in the last 20 years.

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I mean “bans porn”…

Any given day you can walk down a street in dongdaemoon and find people selling bootleg porn.

Yea. And have them pick out the easy meat foreigner to deport? No way. Long live Taiwanese Internet!

I’d love to read your revised list.

Though if you really want to be fair, it should be Kaohsiung vs Busan!


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I’ve spent a good amount of time in China visiting all the cities and honestly quite a few of the tier 1 cities are better than Taipei in terms of development and greening and beautification. Ironically I wouldn’t count Beijing since Beijing is a dump outside of the cbd luftansa corridor and the financial district. But Hangzhou Suzhou Chengdu Guangzhou etc are all nicer than Taipei in terms of development. Ofc they lack Taipei’s charm but that’s another story.

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I’m not sure why I said I only agreed with 80%. Maybe I agreed with everything to some extent, but to varying degrees. Or maybe I thought there was missing context to a couple of them. But looking back at it, there’s none I outright disagreed with. I will perhaps add a few of my own observations to his list soon.

Yes, I’ve always thought that.

And Kenting = Jeju (even though Jeju is an island, and Kenting isn’t)

I never lived in Busan, but visited it a few times and it was quite nice.

One big thing about infrastructure is the military difference, at least the feeling. With many more active members in Korea (locals and Americans) you can notice this, Taiwan’s is less felt or seen. Also impacts area like the Itewon district in Seoul, which Taiwan has no like zone.

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