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What do we do about this?

We don’t have many biologists among us, AFAIK just @urodacus, and a knowledgeable @Explant, and some other people who like me enjoy looking at and taking pictures of the wilder of the animals who populate planet Taiwan. Because of this, I think that we can’t or shouldn’t have a super detailed and accurate directory of subforums that map all the freaking taxonomy of TW fauna and flora, but obviously we start to have enough material, and perhaps interest, for having a separated subforum with some of the threads we’ve been creating over the past years.

Also it’s becoming obvious that are bugs, snakes and spiders are not really welcomed by people like @icon, who visit the “pets and animals” subforum for totally different reasons than us, so we are creating an unbearable distress among the most mojigt forumosans.

It would also be awesome if we could enable TAGS for posts, and not just threads. Or perhaps something else that would ease up accurate and related searches.

What do you guys think?

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I like the idea.

I like it too. We’re also getting close to Black Drongo season, I need a place to complain about those flying pieces of shit.

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I would post occasionally pictures like this Mantis in our garden


You see what happens when there are way too many posts about wildlife?

I agree a new forum seems silly. I would though suggest simply renaming the animal with an & to include nature/environment/biology or something along those lines. Not to specifically have bug threads obviously. But biology surrounds everyone all the time and encompases virtually all our lives in in office bubbles in Taipei.

For example there is no where to discuss plants. Mushrooms. Etc. Anything from whihactus should i put next to my computer to gardening to native species to good forests to visit to supermarket types and quality etc. Health issues like parasites (of which there are some serious ones here people often dont know about), molds on our bread, misidentified species being sold in restaraunts or as medicine etc etc. Massive amount of topics that are hard to put into a category here. Thats kind of my inly point.

Ps i just got some samples of TCM from a university here. Will post pics and diacussion on problems with safety and species types.

No, no, no. I’m all for a new sub, “Wild Life”, separated from “Pets and other animals”. However, I’m not sure if we want to have hundreds of threads under it. Or perhaps yes, what the heck.

Let’s start by using a “wildlife” tag, and we can evaluate the need for a new forum in the future. Feel free to add it to existing posts.

I would though suggest simply renaming the animal with an & to include nature/environment/biology

This is interesting, but we lose the Pet emphasis. I’ll take a look at that. I’m not convinced though that we have that much interest in plant-related topics to make it necessary

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That’s one of the reasons for separating it. Actually they are very different things, even if all are animals.

In one sub we are talking petting, while in the other we are talking research, Nature. Where to adopt a dog or look at my cute cat are nothing to do with beware of this snake, or Taiwan has this and this species.


Maybe it’s not enough, for there are already many subdivisions that are related and that could be all found / organized under the same subforum.

What I was hoping is that we could use tags for posts within threads. That would be awesome, but I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

I didn’t know there are two pet related subforums.

As far as I know there aren’t. Why do you say that?

Yes, there is an “Animal Adoptions and Emergencies” forum. We don’t really have “subforums” anymore.

There are a couple of good possibilities, so let’s take some time and try to sort it out. We need to know how much material there really is for a forum before establishing it, and tagging is an excellent way of determining that!

sorry, maybe I’m using the wrong term. I mean that I want a section in Forumosa which would be at the same level than “Pets and other Animals” but that would focus on the wild life of Taiwan, meaning wild animals and plants and not what the stories that old farts like @the_bear tries to make us believe :smiley:

Right, we only have forums at one level.

OK, so what I’m asking for is a new forum (for me Forumosa was the “forum”, and its sections “subforums”, but again this was probably just the way I see it and others see it as you say).

I understand.


Do it.

Man… you’ve seen @Explant posting and creating threads like crazy. Even if he were alone we would have enough material for a rather interesting section. And then some other forumosans post spiders, snakes, bugs and other shit on almost a regular basis.

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I have no idea what you is talking about but here’s a picture of a snake I met last year.