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That’s a beautiful image. Where did you steal it from?

Taken with my own shaking hands. Thank god for image stabilization.

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I’m really jealous right now.

Doea this thread belong to the wildlife category?

Seriously, my all-time fav Taiwanese food is 3 cups field chicken (aka frog). If the frog is good frog it beats chicken every time.

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you need some time to know how much, since I can tag only 20 threads or something in a day.

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Looks like it’s about pets, I clarified things in the title.

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Time is something we have!

necessary to make a Plants forum of some kind that is

Thanks, I just did a bunch, I’ll keep going through Pets. There are a lot of Pets threads.

Already “wildlife” is high on our list of tags, and can be easily accessed from the “All Tags” window on the Latest page. We don’t want to fragment too much, maybe we can work towards a Science and Nature forum?

I agree, no need for a new plants forum. Merely sugesting to broaden the animal forum to a broader biological scope (such ad title and/or description) as plants and all the things i mentioned above arent really able to post and organize in one spot.

Mad masala…if you think i post lots on animals, just wait until you see me geek out on plants and agriculture! Haha. The animal topics are merely to spark interest and get people thinking about taiwans life outside human stuff. If interested people will google, youtube etc and start to be astonished at the world here. Imagine David attenboroughs voice and interest if it were in taiwan


Good frog beats chicken every time.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I prefer bird

Were going to have to agree to disagree, on account of you being wrong.

I think we can all agree that squid is the weak link with three cup dishes?

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I only care for squid deep fried.

Deep fried frog is fantastic.

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Deep fried sheep’s balls are too :slight_smile: I think it’s safe to say that deep frying helps a lot of things :slight_smile:


Deep fried bollocks…

OK, deep fried frog is better than deep fried chicken.

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3 cup squid is the devil’s spawn…