Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


I was reared in the U.S. and recently decided to explore returning to the island to live permanently. I feel more Taiwanese than American. I’ve always wanted a Taiwanese girlfriend/wife, and I don’t believe I can find that here in the U.S. The girls here in the states, even if they are of TW descent, are usually too Westernized.

I like how Taiwan girls are cute, polite and sweet. They think about the family and can appreciate/care for their man.

I’m still in the U.S. right now, but I was playing around with a dating app and connected with a Taiwanese girl in Taipei. She seems to be attracted to me. We’ve had a few days of nice conversations via text and voice, despite the time zone difference. She says she “likes my personality.” She told me she is attracted to Taiwanese who have studied or grew up abroad. One of her ex’s was an “ABT.” I’m not playing around; I am serious about being in a relationship. She seems to be talking to me exclusively, including taking photos of her beautiful legs and her daily happenings to share with me.

I would like to visit her in Taiwan soon, while we are still fresh. What do you all think about this? What should I be watching for when dating a TW girl? Should I be worried about scams? How quickly do local girls proceed with a relationship, such as intimate actions and exclusivity? She says she was in a long distance relationship before and has no problem doing that. (I may not go back to Taiwan immediately to live; still unsure).

Thanks for any feedback.

What's the difference between a Taipei City girl and everyone else?
What's the difference between a Taipei City girl and everyone else?

Everyone’s different. But my experience is that Taiwanese girls are not all that conservative towards sex.

At the very least you can meet lots of other girls if the one you like doesn’t pan out.

I would say don’t be so serious about being in a relationship. It’ll come once you met someone, don’t force it with someone that really isn’t the one for you because you want a serious relationship.



Sounds like u got a keeper!!


As long as she doesn’t ask for your CC# it’s pretty safe!


Pics of the legs or it didn’t happen.
I can then give constructive criticism.


If you’re moving halfway around the world, it better be because you really want to move back to Taiwan… and not because you’re infatuated with a chick’s online profile. Because the latter situation usually ends in failure once there’s no computer screen to filter out all flaws (both physical and emotional) and you’re left face to face with all the shortcomings of flesh and blood.

Plus, you only have her word that she’s “exclusively” talking to you.


Right. And you, “reared” in the U.S., are not “Westernized.”

Good luck sorting this out.



travelling half way across the world to meet a girl you just started chatting up online isn’t a bad idea at all! nothing could go wrong!

if you are serious about living here and finding a long term partner why don’t you just move here? you will be able to meet plenty of women. and trust me they all won’t be waify material. i doubt you will feel as Taiwanese as you really think after moving here either.


Definitely has some promise. I like what you did there with the selfies, the superficial cuteness and especially the legs. However overall I would say that there is lack of attention to style and to development of the characters in a way that is likely to hold the attention of the reader over a sustained time frame.

I would avoid unloading an information pack in one go: why not cut down on this and dial up the anecdotes, let your reader fill in some of the blanks with their own imagination. Overall though I for one am looking forward to hearing more. Nice work 加油


I am not so sure this is more true in Taiwan, at times I find Taiwanese in the States to be more conservative than in Taipei.


…bwahahaha! Rubbish.
OP, you sure you are not confusing Japanese with Taiwanese? I’ve been here almost 2 decades, did the dating scene and married a Taiwanese. I can say with confidence that what you are imagining is not reality for the vast majority of females here. You missed the boat by about 2 generations me thinks.

Thats not to say what you are seeking can’t be found here. It can. You just have to wade through all the fake ones before you find somone genuine. Aaaand there are plenty of fake ones. Pretty and sweet online, but nightmares in reality.

Best of luck.


It’s usually pretty and sweet when dating. Nag and beat you after you get married lol.


OP is gone, guess it’s just an essay writing exercise.


Ha yeah and who says reared anyways


No, I’m not gone. This was no essay writing exercise. I’m for real! There’s just not much of an update. I’m still talking to her on this app, and the fastest I can get to Taiwan would be in a few weeks.

I really want people to share their experiences about dating local Taiwanese girls. Since I’m semi-local, given that I am Taiwanese blooded, my interactions may be different than a straight foreigner-TW girl relationship.

I do feel more Taiwanese than American, hence why I am interested in moving to Taiwan. I feel I can’t find a Taiwanese girlfriend/wife here in the states. It’s a numbers game, right? There are just less of those girls around, especially the FOB ones that I like.

I’ve heard about the love triangle scams on TV news, and am worried that I am a prime target since I am from abroad. There are stereotypes that since you are Taiwanese-American, you are supposedly “rich.” I feel like she’s interested in talking to me, only because I was raised abroad. But at the same time, my heart is beating and I wonder if she’ll really meet me in-person. I was considering going to Taiwan for vacation anyways.

And, I am not confusing Taiwanese for Japanese. I feel that Taiwanese girls are more like the cute, polite, wifey material – more so than your average American girl or Westernized Asian-American “banana.” Also, I figure the girls in Taiwan are prettier, in my eyes (pale skin, thin body shape, sweet voice). The other thing about moving to Taiwan is disapproval from my parents because they think staying in America is better in the long-run, opportunity-wise.


Here’s what you need to know:

If you really want to go on with a cute girl in Taiwan you need to have some net worth, a house, car etc.
You need to be accepted by the (whole) family. You probably have to carry her purse when going out, mostly something like ‘Hello Kitty’. If you pass all the hurdles you could be close and the possibility of marriage is near. Oh, and don’t think for a moment that you’re in charge, no Sir!


you value cute as a quality that is wifey material? thats gonna go out the window after you are married. polite is gonna go out the window after u know each other for a few weeks. the baby talk will probably disappear too( hopefully). also you say you are half local but i don’t hear anyone here saying words like ‘fob’ or ‘banana’

anyway you are clearly overthinking it, just get over here and date some womens and u will figure it out.


No amount of answer will help you deal with your insecurities, and you’ll never feel prepared until you crunch that number game and meet a few girls. So come here meet her if that’s what you wanna do, or meet other girls in your area (the app called tantan might help you meet local Chinese/Taiwanese). Be ready to any outcome, and see what happens. Learn, shower, repeat.


don’t think you have mentioned your age yet.
how old are you and her?


Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you a virgin? Or have you ever had a long term relationship? You’re basically saying you want someone submissive to your whims. You seem very naive about dating, and it sounds like you want to date a stereotype as opposed to a flesh-and-blood person.

Come to Taiwan if it makes you happy, but do it for the right reasons not because you think there’s a magical waifu waiting just for you.