Taiwanese and Chinese Pop, Rock, and Jazz Recommendations?

What the heck is up with the seemingly common practice of Taiwan/HK pop stars of taking US/Japanese/Korean songs and redoing them??? Is this indicative of a lack of talent on their part or what? Normally I wouldn’t mind as much but I had to draw the line after hearing a particularly annoying remake of Aqua’s Dr. Jones. ;-p


Yea, I know what you mean. Like a couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Chinese version of Ace of Base’s I saw the sign song and i was like “what the?”. But I’ve only known about the redoing of US songs and I’m intrigued when you say the redoing of Korean and Japanese Songs. I’ve heard the Taiwanese singer Yuki do a couple of Korean song redos. How popular is the Korean and Japanese pop music style in Taiwan right now? I’ve heard that the Korean group Clon is getting popular there. And that SES did a tour (which is a little beyond me) in Taiwan also. Also, a Japanese group SPEED I hear is making news. I listen to Chinese pop music from time to time but I hate listening to poor attempts by Chinese songwriters and pop singers at emulating US/Japanese/Korean style music. I think it’s the lack of talent in songwriting which makes them redo those songs–a reason why I haven’t be immersing myself in Chinese pop music. I mean the Chinese have always done the ballad type of song–not like they have loads of experience in techno, hip-hop, dance music.

In my opinion, the music industry in Taipei is no different than the high tech industry. Other countries design and build the technologies (in this case music) initially, and the Taiwanese replicate the technology (music) in m****quantities. One thing I’ve noticed here is that “innovation” - the theoretical and practical process of actually creating something new and original relative to what alraedy exists - isnt a predominant mind set, in industry or music. Up to this point, chinese culture seems to have prohibited this sort of original thinking.

Do you people listen to chinese song?
What kind of? Pop song, Jazz, Oldies?
Who is your favorite chinese singer?
I love Teresa Teng for one. Jacky Cheung, Emil Zhou, Faye Wang, and may more…

Let’s share your opinion on Chinese music.


I like Taiwanese songs too. They are quite fun and energetic. As for Chinese songs, I like female jazz crooner songs and oldies and also some new pop songs. Not sure which ones. Most of the pop songs I don’t like, but they grow on you after a while like English pop songs. Favorite singer. Hmm…not sure…

Sorry but I detest Chinese music. The only East Asian or South East Asian music I can listen to is Indonesian…Pop, traditional, it doesn’t matter. “Dangdut” music with a cold Bintang at a warung on the beach?? Paradise!

I think it might be the “cold Bintang at a warung on the beach” that makes the music sound so lovely to you. Try listening to Chinese music with a cold beer on the beach and maybe you would like it too.

I think it might be the “cold Bintang at a warung on the beach” that makes the music sound so lovely to you. Try listening to Chinese music with a cold beer on the beach and maybe you would like it too.[/quote]

After 20+ years here, the ONLY thing that makes Chinese music tolerable to me is a good pair of ear plugs. :smiley:

I like Ah Du and an obscure male singer named Huang Chung Yuan, who I think is the best live singer in Taiwan. I get out and listen to live pop performances about once a month. It’s a great time.

I listen to as much Chinese music as I can. But it usually ends up being pop. I have even bought several CDs. It is a great way to try to pick up new words and the more you immerse yourself the easy it will be to pick up the tones. And some of the music isn’t half bad!

i find that downloading chinese mp3s and trying to learn the lyrics(for ktv) really helps me in learning mandarin.

if anyone wants to a good site for chinese mp3s, try sogua.com . works much better for me than trying to find chinese songs on kazaa.

for lyrics, deja.com (it’s google groups now, but deja is easier to type). there’s a taiwanese newsgroup dedicated to lyrics.

I LOVE Jacky Cheung (have yet to find somebody to take me to a concert, though :frowning: ) and a couple of female singers that I keep forgetting the names of. I actually do have a number of CDs.

As for Chinese music on the web, how about this page:



thanks for the link. I just download some nursery rhyme, great one…very soothing…


It’s interesting that as of today (1/9/03) no one has voted for Jazz, which is not surprising.

I like jazz, but cannot think of any Chinese jazz songs. Can someone list some examples, and perhaps some links?

Try this one, It’s chinese song, but the singer is not.

virtualchina.com/archive/lei … o-dcm.html

and this one just for fun:)


virtualchina.com/archive/lei … o-dcm.html[/quote]

Wow, Anton, I love this site. Thanks for the link.

There used to be this weird Chinese song we’d listen to in 1997, something like “boom shaka laka”, complete nonsense but a lot of fun. Anton’s second link just reminded me of it. Anybody heard of it?


This is damn funny…a chinese parody…



Wang Fei is tops in my books when it comes to Chiense music. Her ‘Fable’ CD is fantastic. Her live rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody almost put me off her though.

From Taiwan I like Zhang Zheng Yue (sp?), and can listen to a little bit of Wu Bai or Ah-Mei (but just a little). Jia Zi (The Clippers) are a great little live band.

And you still can’t go wrong with a little bit of Deng Lee Jun (Teresa Teng).


I listen to Chinese pop songs sometimes, but never really recall who sings what songs.

BTW, why do you like dangdut, Blueface666?

I also love dangdut. Top of my list is “Kopi Dangdut” --dangdut coffee. Best song for dancing. Also love that “Emen”
but I couldn’t find a download of tha song…