Taiwanese Citizenship and Renunciation

My son’s citizenship status from being born outside of Australia depended on me remaining an Australia citizen. If both of the parents were Australian citizens then being born abroad one parent could renounce and the child keep citizenship from the other Australian parent. But alas his mother was not a citizen of Australia when he was born in Taiwan.

What we are discussing is the law not your whims on what you think the law should be.

Did you know that if a Canadian citizen is born outside of Canada and their children are born outside of Canada they do not get Canadian citizenship?


Didn’t know that about Canada but I knew that about British citizenship. Is the same true of Australia? Is it a Commonwealth countries thing?

Governments make laws and you just look at the law. Understand that only and not dwell on what you think the law should be. If my son was already an ROC citizen then he would have lost his citizenship when I renounced. But by not being an ROC citizen and not being included in my application he could not lose citizenship other wise he would have been stateless.

So the Australian government did not take my sons citizenship away as I did not include him in application for citizenship for Taiwan. :slight_smile: Know the laws then use those laws to one’s advantage. I made sure that by not including my son he kept his Australian citizenship. Then later on Taiwan changed the citizenship law here allowing children of ROC mothers to pass on citizenship to their children and backdated the law to 1980. So now my son has dual nationality and he never had to renounce; :slight_smile: But he was smart, he stayed in Taiwan on his Australian citizenship until 19 when he started university in Australia. Because he did not get his Taiwan and ID card and Hukou he could not do military service in Taiwan. He got his Taiwan passport in Australia when he was 20, but when you get Taiwan passport overseas you don’t have Taiwan ID card and Hukou. So still cannot be drafted. His children also are dual nationals and since his kids are born in Australia they also have Taiwan passports but no ID card.

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For Australia as long as that person has spent 2 years living in Australia before they turn 18 then if their children born abroad they get citizenship. Now if the children are born in Australia then they are citizens.

Each country determines their own laws. Being in the commonwealth has nothing to do with it. Before Australia granted citizenship if someone lived there for 2 years in a 5 year period. That law was seen as being too relaxed so now it’s 4 years.

You can if you hold dual citizenship elsewhere with you or another parent. But your daughters case should be appealed because if you cannot renounce MOI are supposed to grant dual citizenship ( I mean with ID )

So for me if I have more children they get all the nationalities I hold even though I am naturalized here.

Except she can… when she is 18. It’s the case for every country that has the rule that you cannot renounce before a certain age, that Taiwan says the exemption for being unable to renounce does not apply to them and will make those who get citizenship before that age wait until that age or until their country of citizenship’s rules change before they can get Taiwan citizenship. One of the things that Fuzzy is going to bring up in his complaint to the MOI, I’m sure.

Well in the not too distant future I will qualify for the old age pension from Australia. I don’t have to reside in Australia just submit the application while in Australia. Currently its worth around NT$40k a month. If China does invade and I become a refugee I will flee to Canada and get Canadian benefits as well. Woe is me.

be promptly turned away and told to go back to Australia.

Yup still here in Taiwan. I plan on dying in this country of mine.

I have a renunciation certificate I gave it up. :slight_smile: anyway Canada will offer refugee status to even JFRV and APRC holders, can’t discriminate against genuine refugees now can we?

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Nah he will be put up in the 4 seasons until the government borrows the money to buy him his very own house. He will also get subsidies etc so he could pay for the electricity to be warm and cozy until the invasion blows over.

Once it’s finished he will now have triple Taiwan, Canadian and Australian citizenship and a house in Canada he could rent to you upon your retirement



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But you were not a citizen when she was born, right?