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And that’s why it won best film editing at the Golden Horse Awards, in addition to best film, director and leading actor. There were several shots of empty streets of Taipei in broad daylight (Ximending, the MRT line over Fuxing, etc). The streets are never that empty. The effect must have been done in post production.

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Yeah, reminded me of the opening of Vanilla Sky.

Taipei Story

Gets great reviews. Maybe it was good for it’s time, but I found it not so great, and lots of dead time with no one doing anything except sitting or standing and not talking. Maybe supposed to be reflective. Sad people living a sad life, couples, not enough money, cheating on each other… same old story.

Not a lot of city scenes to see old Taipei.

Strong motivator for travelling to Taiwan.

Bra Girl.

Taiwan 10 episode show. Can’t really figure out any more info.

First episode on TV channel 628 NextTV HD 9pm.

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Rebels of the Neon God

About a few wayward youth in Taipei in 1990s. Nothing special about the movie but can see some of the city and lifestyle for the time.

  • Taipei when everything was old, city was going through renovations, and streets were dirty. Taipei has changed a lot.
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Is it your personal mission to watch all the classic films from the Taiwan New Wave and after—and then to simply say that there is “nothing special” about them? :rofl:



I’m just kind of surprised I’m (edit to add>) not finding a lot of good Taiwan movies that are supposed to be good.

Maybe a lot of them are good in the moment

A lot of Tsai Ming-liang’s work messes with audience expectation—about plot, about pace. Remember he is messing with you!

Love his later stuff though. The tenderness of Good Bye Dragon Inn and I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone (the only time he has filmed in his native Malaysia) are wonderful. And what’s the film about those luxury flat advertising signs and the poor people standing there holding them in the rain? Stray Dogs. A savage indictment of some of the most terrible aspects of Taiwan society. It’s great stuff! Tsai is a truth teller for our times.



Is that first sentence missing a negative somewhere?

There does come a point when, after disliking a bunch of films in a category, it’s totally fine to decide that category isn’t for you.

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This one I am watching and it is pretty entertaining. The characters are a bit predictable but interestingly the plot so far has been solid. And it keeps you wondering what will happen next.

Chris is a cutie but he is getting boxed into weird characters.

I saw it and thought it was really good. The beginning was a bit shaky but it eased into it as it went on, and it was actually really funny (when it wanted to be).

It made the Oscars shortlist a few weeks ago, hope it gets nominated.

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The English title is more meaningful than the Chinese, as “sun” and “son” are homophones, and we know how the father felt about his two sons. When the film took best picture award at the Golden Horse last year, the director walked up to Ang Lee and gave him a hug. It was quite moving.

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Taipei Suicide Story

Grand Jury Prize, Audience Award for narrative features and the best actor award. Have not watched it yet.


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Summary of some of Director Hou Hsiao-Hsien films and some Taiwan cinema history.

The Boys from Fengkuei
Daughter of the Nile
Flowers of Shanghai
Millennium Mambo
The Assassin

“Creativity, artistic quality, and cultural self-awareness,” were the cornerstones of the 1987 New Cinema manifesto, signed by around 60 Taiwan filmmakers including Hou. And though his manifestation of those values through tranquil films about adolescence, political tension and the transformation of society would be maligned as self-indulgent by native critics by the late 80s, his reputation abroad has rarely faltered.

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These old B&W movies are all playing now at Spot Huashan, missed them but maybe catch them later.

The Best Secret Agent

Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters



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But do check the subtitle situation; Tai Feng for example seems to have only Chinese available.