Taiwanese fined for wearing micro bikini in Boracay

Taiwan #1!

Ordered to pay a fine of PHP2,500 (US$48.52).


US$50 for a million followers on Instagram?


That’s fucked up, there has to be more to it than that.
When I was there, there were ladies lying on the beach topless.
The local cops (identifiable by being the only locals wearing long pants and by the butts of their 45s sticking out from under their guayaberas) couldn’t have cared less.
They didn’t even care about the guys selling hash on the beach, their sole purpose was to make sure no tourists got ripped off.


I don’t know, it sounds pretty revealing. You can get a pass on topless

You can’t see it, it’s all blurred. But the sound of a bikini is definitely a little erotic.

As authorities could not find an ordinance prohibiting the wearing of very skimpy swimsuits, the tourist was given a citation ticket and meted the fine based on a provision of an ordinance prohibiting the taking and display of “lewd” photographs.

Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1176343/taiwanese-tourist-fined-in-boracay-for-wearing-just-a-string#ixzz621XrHehk

Presented for scientific inquiry.

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I think the frontal may be the issue here, and that pic is not there.

I meant the description in the article!

I think there is an I.T team working on it for you @jimipresley . I am far too old for this sort of thing :smirk: I also suspect you don’t give two hoots :wink:Click bait value only . I want my rugby damn it :pensive:


We still have to wait four hours for the crybaby Aussies to smash Georgia. :sleepy:

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That’s ridiculous. She might as well be naked.

I assume she’s one of these Instagram types?

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Looks like she just doesn’t know how to wear a bikini. It’s placed in all the wrong places. Any girl that knew or cared would have it all balanced out.

Halfway up boob in the front and all lopsided in the back.

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theres some other photos where the bikini even looks to be transparent. she looks pretty much naked.

so yea this has to be for the IG fans or something. although some girls here are quite ok with wearing some tiny pulled high shorts flashing their ass cheeks and some times pantys for the world to see. but this is a conservative culture you know, not like those western barbarians.

She will fail her test



you’re welcome.


The local police probably just want to have the chance to take her in for “questioning.”


That frontal view is pretty nasty, perhaps if she’d done a reasonable job of taming the garden before putting it on display it would be semi acceptable, in the photo’s it looks like she gave it a quick once over with the free razor from the hotel.


That is an “ itsy bitsy” thing :woozy_face:the thin edge of the wedge . The thin line between decency and mirth . Hope her parents don’t rip a strip off her .