Taiwanese food sucks!

Seriously I cannot eat another meal in the “restaurants” here. Either it’s sugary pasta, horrible hamburgers, greasy fried dumpling looking things or traditional Taiwanese “food” that consists of boney fried “meat”, rice or instant noodles with some boiled cabbage as veg. Or if your really looking for a treat try the famous noodle soups which consist of instant noodles and two sad, thin slices of “meat” floating on top. How do people survive here? I’ve been here a month, have looked for food everywhere, but I am losing my mind with hunger. And the tiny stingy meal sizes charged at near-on western prices leave me gob smacked. And another thing! There isn’t any point looking at the pictures of the food. No matter what you order what your served looks nothing like what they advertise.



Taiwan food is very tasty! Also people are friendly. As a foreigner, you probably should know that.


Super friendly “as a foreigner” I disagree.

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You have not succeeded in finding food to your liking in this land of plenty.
We cannot help you in this regard.
Perhaps you should just get thinner, and when you are nearly too thin, reverse course and eat fast food all the time. When too fat, reverse course and eat nothing. Repeat process until your time on this island of plenty of food is over.


By plenty of food do you mean plenty of shit overpriced food? It certainly is an island of that

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Don’t be bitter. Just leave.


easiest solution if you don’t like outside food, cook it yourself.

tastes are different in different cultures, taiwanese people indeed like things sweet and less salty. but i’m sure you will find places which can accomodate your tastebuds, you’ve only been here a month. do some research online, try different places. eventually you will find what you’re looking for.


I live in a shitty studio room with a broken bathroom sink for 11000 a month. Cooking for myself isn’t really an option god I wish I could. Even if it were I’ve seen the wares on sale in the handful of supermarkets in Taipei. Oh dear

yeah, i was afraid i would get that kind of response.

best advice to you, leave taiwan asap and go back to wherever and live grumpily ever after


What kind of response? a true one? Just admit it the food here is terrible. I’m only grumpy because I’m so hungry :joy:

Where do you come from, Dontknow?
Maybe I can recommend something for you if I know what you are used to (great food at a cheaper price than in Taiwan).

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I guessed it was Straylya.
Straylya’s world famous for fantastic food at a great price.



What is your budget per meal ? There are plenty of good options, but in my experience you usually need to pay at least 200. Usually places cheaper than that suck in some way.

Now I’ve seen it all. Little Aussie battler comes to Taiwan, dies of hunger.



if you really can’t appreciate the little things such as these, then you are really in the wrong place


That looks fucking fantastic. But where? One shop in Taipei? That is the best food I’ve seen